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Integrate Everywhere

Bring predictive intelligence to any application or platform.

  • Analytics (BI)
  • Engagement
  • Lead Management
  • CRM & Marketing Automation

It’s More than a Score

Anyone can stamp a score to a record. Real results emerge when you successfully add predictive analytics into your everyday sales & marketing workflows.

Profile Management

Combine all your disparate data sources to find your ideal customer profile.

Profile Management
Intelligent Business Logic

Intelligent Business Logic

Build SLAs, optimize workflows and make decisions based on your most promising prospects.

Intelligent Business Logic

Glance - Sales Intelligence

Give sales reps key insights to efficiently plan their conversations and increase performance.

Glance - Sales Intelligence Glance - Sales Intelligence

Data & Modeling Excellence

Infer offers the deepest product set with the highest performing predictive models.

Look like
a customer?
Predictive Fit Modeling

Predictive Fit Modeling

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Accounts
Act like
a customer?
Predictive Engagement & Intent Modeling

Predictive Behavior Modeling

  • Lead & Contact Engagement
  • Account-Based Engagement
  • Intent-Based Surge Lists
Expanding your
Multiple Models

Multiple Models

  • Lenses
  • Net-New
  • Custom Models
  • Real-Time Model Monitoring

Industry Leading AI

Infer brings innovation and expertise from consumer search giants to help scale your business to new heights.

  • Thousands of external signals
    from proprietary web crawlers
  • 3x average conversion rate
    across customers
  • 300M+ predictions and
    thousands of models
  • Scores records in under
    one minute
Google Microsoft and Yahoo

Real Customers, Real Success

“Thousands of sales and marketing vendors promise the world, but Infer actually delivers.”— Kevin Gaither, SVP of Sales at Ziprecruiter


Lift in


Grew Opportunity


Conversion rate

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Infer is the most highly rated & reviewed ABM and Predictive Marketing vendor.

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