Nate Silver at #Inbound13

Nate Silver at Inbound ’13 in Boston

What makes data rich? Quantity, Quality, Variety. Infer uses all three to predict winners. We look at hundreds of data points from lots of different sources. The customer’s data, data we’ve acquired through partnerships, and signals we get from crawling the web. As an example, we might have several sources to understand company size or employee count. We can look at the different signals, their sources, and Infer which one is the best.

Three Ways Infer Increases Rep Productivity

Every company has good sales reps and not-so-good sales reps. While much about sales success relates to a rep’s personality, network, or other subjective attributes, some smart companies are starting to figure out ways they can more objectively evaluate and increase their reps’ success rates. To provide a quick illustration of how we’ve seen Infer create lift (increased win rates and conversion) for our customers, let’s look at some sample Salesforce dashboards. Below we’ll illustrate three ways predictive intelligence can help increase sales rep productivity.

1) Send them your hottest leads 

The first layer of benefit comes from knowing which leads to route to sales and which should be kept in a nurture program until they heat up. Infer uses machine learning to accurately predict which leads will convert. In this example, 97.3% of the revenue came from the top 3 tiers of hot leads Infer identified. Depending on your distribution of tiers, that means you could potentially reduce the inside sales team’s workload by 70% and still capture the majority of the revenue opportunities.

Infer Networking Event @ RN74

We had a terrific event today in San Francisco with a bunch of hyper-growth companies. It was great to network and share ideas. If you’d like to join our next event in San Francisco, contact us and we’ll provide more details.

Introducing reactive programming and declarative UIs in CoffeeScript

(Cross-posted at Infer Engineering blog; also see discussions on Hacker News)

At Infer, our engineering team faces no shortage of technical challenges, but it’s not all just about data lifting and machine learning. Everything always comes back to the user, whether it’s helping companies better understand their customers through our dashboards, or providing the visual tooling necessary for our own team to build models more productively. We build these out as web-based user interfaces of varying complexity.

Today we’re announcing the release of a new tool that will hopefully make building these web app frontends a bit more expressive and fun. is a small, lightweight CoffeeScript library that provides two sets of functionality:

  • a set of primitive data structures for reactive programming an HTML template
  • DSL with for building dynamic, reactive web UIs