Infer’s Salesforce AppExchange App

We’re excited to share our AppExchange App just in time for Dreamforce! It includes custom fields, pre-built dashboards, and a configuration tab to define your lead buckets. You are welcome to install the package and check it out, but we’ll need to build you a model to light up the scores. The process is fully automated so it requires no work on your part. We have pre-built connectors for Salesforce, Eloqua, and Marketo. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us and we’ll get you started.

Infer's AppExchange Listing

Infer’s Booth at Dreamforce #N2312

Drop by our booth for a quick demo of Infer. See why Infer was named one of Business Insider’s 21 Hottest Cloud Startups. In the last six months we’ve seen 2x revenue bookings, a 200% increase in engagement, and some terrific new customers!

Infer at Dreamforce

We’ve got a fun app where you enter your email address and see predictive scoring in action. Anyone who scores 80 or above will be entered to win a pair of custom Nike running shoes.

Examples of External Signals Infer Tracks

Sales and marketing folks have been talking about lead scoring for years, so we often get asked “what’s different” about Infer’s way of doing things. One of the reasons Infer’s models perform so much better than traditional lead scoring is that our system pulls in several thousands of external signals, going well beyond what most organizations track in or other CRM and marketing automation tools.


Broadly speaking, Infer gets these signals from three sources: crawling the web, purchasing data, and inferring signals from raw data sources. The last of these is the most subtle, and it’s our equivalent of Google’s secret sauce for web search.