Accelerating Expansion with Predictive

There are essentially two main problems that sales and marketing teams leverage predictive to solve — too many leads, or too few. To meet the second challenge, more and more companies are adopting account-based marketing practices. When you can accurately predict which prospects are worth targeting and where to place your bets, these outbound strategies can be an excellent complement to fuel growth.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing companies like Belly, New Relic and Optimizely that are part of the movement shaping the future of predictive for sales and marketing. This playbook highlights predictive best practices that digital loyalty solution provider Belly has executed throughout its efforts to enter new markets and expand the business. As a result, the company doubled the impact of its outbound sales efforts and increased sales by 30%.

Learn how to use predictive marketing for outbound sales

Bridging The Sales and Marketing Divide

Many organizations tend to find themselves in cyclical debates around what makes a good lead, but these conflicts can be diffused with a common definition that both sales and marketing trust. Predictive scoring provides an objective, data-driven method for determining if a prospect is a good fit to buy a product and whether they are likely to convert soon, building confidence in the scores – eliminating the finger-pointing that’s so common.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing companies like Host Analytics, New Relic and Zendesk that are part of the movement shaping the future of predictive for sales and marketing. This playbook highlights best practices that veteran customer Host Analytics has used to bridge the sales and marketing divide through executive dashboards, MQL-based compensation plans, marketing mix optimization, and more.

How to Use Predictive Analytics to Improve Sales & Marketing Alignment

InsightSquared on its Predictive Sales & Marketing Success

Recently one of the most innovative customers we know, Adam von Reyn, sat down with John J. Wall for his Marketing Over Coffee podcast. Adam hails from InsightSquared, a rapidly growing business intelligence powerhouse out of Boston. John interviewed Adam about how InsightSquared started its predictive marketing journey, what their funnel looks like, why they chose Infer, and the results they’re achieving.

Have a listen to the interview here, or check out some excerpts from Adam’s comments below.

Infer Launches AI-Powered Prospect Management Platform that Guides Employees and Improves the Customer Experience

Press Release: New Predictive Technology Delivers Intelligent Recommendations to Bring Unprecedented Precision to Sales and Marketing Decisions

Infer Inc., a leading provider of predictive technologies that help companies win more customers, today announced its launch of the first predictive prospect management platform for sales and marketing teams. Infer Profile Management helps companies develop ideal customer profiles and expansion opportunities that unlock value with prospects and customers. The platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to make recommendations and trigger actions that help move prospects from one step in their customer journey to the next.

Prospect Management Includes

Prospect Management Quotes

Hear from early adopters of Infer’s Profile Management Platform to find out how they’re how using it.

“We use Infer’s new predictive platform to discover and target ideal customer profiles. By building segments and personas around Infer’s signals — such as whether a company uses AWS technology, or whether its website contains B2B technology — we are able to deliver better marketing campaigns and arm our sales reps with better data and insights. As a result of a recent personalized campaign, we were able to boost our typical attendance and drive 20% more top prospects to a regional event.”

Rich Taylor, Sr. Director of Marketing