Introducing Infer’s Account-Based Marketing Framework in a Predictive World

The year ahead is going to be all about mastering Account-Based Marketing (ABM). It’s time for marketers to apply the same rigor to this strategy that they have to their inbound and lead nurturing programs. ABM has the potential to open up entirely new revenue channels. That’s because it is no longer a pipe dream to identify the universe of accounts that are a good fit for your product and deliver personalization at scale – via targeting advertising, direct mail, and sales outreach.

How to use predictive analytics in Account-Based Marketing

To help execute a sound ABM strategy we put together an easy 4-stage framework that walks you through how to:

(1) Build a targeted account list

(2) Add net-new contacts and accounts

(3) Map your ABM tactics

(4) Measure Success

Predictive ABM tactics drive higher conversion rates and larger average deal size, but in order to capitalize on this opportunity, you’ll want to advance your skills around market planning, profile management, and measuring campaign efficacy. From leveraging predictive account scoring to better align effort with impact, to conducting advanced segmentation across firmographic, technographic and behavioral signals, to implementing new personalization technologies that move accounts forward in your customer journey – predictive can help you supercharge your Account-Based Marketing strategy every step of the way.

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Infer and InsightSquared Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Beautiful Reporting to Predictive Marketing and Sales

Press Release: New Predictive Analytics Visualizations Deliver Actionable Insight into a Company’s Lead Generation Programs, Marketing Campaigns, and Sales Pipeline

Infer Inc., a leading provider of predictive technologies that help companies win more customers, and InsightSquared, the top-rated sales performance analytics company, today announced a strategic partnership. Together the companies will deliver new dashboards that visualize key predictive insights to help business-to-business marketers make the leap from being simply data-driven to being fully predictive-driven.

Many companies have only murky visibility into their sales pipeline, and can’t measure marketing campaign performance until it’s too late to make adjustments. With Infer’s statistically accurate customer conversion predictions visualized in several of InsightSquared’s most popular reports, businesses can better monitor the health of their sales and marketing operations. Marketers can use these reports to determine how well their demand generation programs are fueling growth, while sales teams can use them to better align effort to impact through continuous lead management.

Using Predictive to Improve B2B Free Trial Conversion

For many companies, offering a free trial is a critical part of their demand gen strategy. Prospects who sign-up and want to experience the product are inherently more likely to convert than those who downloaded content. The key to maximizing this channel is being able to instantly identify high-value trial users so that you can ensure they get the proper attention from day one.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing companies like AdRoll, Cloudera and Segment that are part of the movement shaping the future of predictive for sales and marketing. This playbook highlights the best practices Segment is using to optimize support for its free trial users.

Using Predictive Marketing to Improve B2B Free Trial Conversion

Whats New at Infer in 2016

Originally published on TrustRadius

Over the last year, $242 million in venture funding has flowed into B2B predictive marketing. That is great validation that we’re on the edge of a mega trend that could be every bit as big as cloud, social, or mobile.

At Infer we feel fortunate to have gotten out front and had time to build up tribal wisdom. By working with lots of forward-thinking companies, we’ve been able to learn the edge cases, improve the technology, and develop playbooks for success. Just as we saw with Salesforce, the community you attract and the success of your customers is the catalyst for growth.

About a year back we had a realization that scoring alone was not enough to win this market. From working with customers we knew that you can have a great predictive model, and that is critically important, but a score by itself is not enough. It is the applications of the scores that unlocks value.