Infer Releases New Predictive Behavior Scoring for Oracle Eloqua

Press Release: Deep Integration Between Marketing Automation and Predictive Solutions Helps Growing Companies Optimize Marketing and Sales

Infer Predictive Behavior Scoring for Oracle Eloqua


Infer Inc., a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced the most advanced predictive behavioral modeling solution for the Oracle Eloqua platform. Infer’s behavior scoring helps companies dramatically increase the impact of their sales and marketing programs by prioritizing business-to-business deals that are most likely to close quickly, and by continuously optimizing campaign effectiveness and pipeline velocity. After proven success with early customers, Infer is rolling out its updated behavior scoring solution for any company that uses the Oracle Eloqua marketing automation system.

Account-Based Marketing: Research Reveals It’s More Than Just The Latest Marketing Buzzword

FlipMyFunnel ABM Research


If you’re a marketer, there’s a strong chance you’ve either implemented or are considering integrating an Account based marketing (ABM) approach into your outbound strategy. One reason ABM has the marketing world on fire is because it has the potential to open up entirely new revenue channels. It’s no longer a pipe dream to be able to identify the universe of accounts that are a good fit for your product and deliver personalization at scale – via targeted advertising, direct mail, and sales outreach.

A 2016 FlipMyFunnel research report, which surveyed over 200 B2B marketers to uncover how they’re currently using or planning to use ABM, revealed that 49% of marketers surveyed have been running ABM campaigns for less than six months. But, a whopping 71% are planning on adding ABM tools next year alone.

So, what is driving the need for businesses to build an ABM program and how do you successfully implement one?

Infer Partners with Terminus to Introduce Predictive Ad Targeting that Drives Advertising ROI through Top-of-the-Funnel Engagement

Press release: New Strategic Partnership Brings Profile Management and Predictive Scoring to Account-Based Marketing

Infer Inc., a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced a Predictive Ad Targeting Platform that helps businesses target their highest-potential accounts and fuel deeper engagement. A new Infer partnership with account-based marketing (ABM) platform Terminus extends the power of predictive analytics to business-to-business advertising. Through this and other partnerships, Infer’s open platform delivers predictive advertising solutions that increase a company’s marketing return-on-investment by leveraging data science to optimize campaigns, targeting and budgets.

Rather than take a spray-and-pray approach or focus only on known accounts, Infer helps companies accurately pinpoint which accounts or leads are most likely to engage with a given campaign, and then leverage this intelligence for greater advertising impact. Infer goes beyond just adding predictive scores into the mix of bidding signals for ad targeting. The company’s platform builds profiles that can encompass both scores and external signals, such as the prospect’s intent or whether their company offers a freemium product.

How Can We Blend All of Our Customer Data into Actionable Profiles?

Infer Profile Builder Icon

This is the third post in our profile management blog series. Earlier this month, we talked about whether profile management requires predictive scoring, and in this post we’ll discuss how it can be easily incorporated into your existing sales and marketing workflows. Often we talk with companies that don’t yet have enough leads or conversions to build a statistically accurate predictive model, but that no longer needs to hold them back. The key to establishing impactful data-driven workflows – with our without predictive scores – is creating actionable profiles of your ideal customers, and infusing that insight into your day-to-day work.