Guide to Getting Started With Profile Management

To drive truly data-driven segmentation and other go-to-market strategies, companies are moving past traditional lead scoring strategies and adopting technology that helps them extract more actionable intelligence from their data. We launched Infer Profile Management (PMP) last year to help businesses leverage all of their buying signals in a single location to develop ideal target profiles and uncover expansion opportunities. As a result, customers like Avalara, Host Analytics, New Relic, Social Tables and UserVoice are able to better prioritize high-quality prospects, deliver more personalized messaging and increase conversions.

This 3-part guide breaks down commonly discussed topics to getting started with Infer Profile Management, including where the platform fits into your sales and marketing stack, whether or not you need to layer in predictive scoring to reap the full benefits of PMP, and the business impact of creating actionable profiles of your ideal customers and infusing that insight into your day-to-day work.Guide to Getting Started With Profile Management Preview

Infer Announces Glance for Salesforce to Make Predictive Insights More Discoverable and Actionable

Press Release: New capability delivers at-a-glance sales intelligence to inform more personalized and effective prospect conversations

Infer Inc., a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced a new sales and account intelligence application called Infer Glance. This solution reveals key prospect attributes and analytics from Infer’s predictive models directly within a company’s CRM or marketing automation interface, giving businesses the most complete view of each contact or account. Customers like AdRoll, AppDynamics, Bitly, Druva and Nitro are already leveraging these at-a-glance insights to tailor messaging and campaigns, fuel customer engagement and increase revenue.

Infer builds statistically accurate fit and behavior models that analyze thousands of internal and external data signals to produce predictive account, contact and lead scores. Infer Glance summarizes these predictions, as well as top signals behind each score — providing sales reps with valuable account intelligence about a prospect’s business model, what technologies they use, their website engagement and other details — in one convenient place. This transparency builds trust in the scores and enables sales and marketing to align around a common definition of good leads. Further, the rich view of prospects gives reps the insight they need to pre-plan meaningful conversation points that directly target a customer’s pain points.

Glance for Salesforce

Rapid7 Discusses Shift to Predictive-Driven Sales and Marketing

Our friends at Marketing Over Coffee recently interviewed one of our fantastic customers, Allison MacLeod from Rapid7. A provider of security data and analytics solutions, the publicly traded company has experienced major growth in recent years and needed a better way to qualify best-fit prospects. In this podcast, Allison talks account-based marketing, achieving sales and marketing alignment, and how Infer has helped Rapid7 shift to a quality over quantity approach.

Listen to the interview here, or check out some excerpts from Allison’s interview below.

The Risks of Blending Customer Signals from Disparate Sources

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fit vs behavior

One of the more perilous steps in building a data model is determining the right signals to include. When it comes to business-to-business customer analytics, there’s a wide range of signals to choose from – a company’s business model, technology vendors, relevant job postings, public filings, social presence, website activities, marketing engagement, third-party intent data, and other attributes.

But some data scientists forget that all of these signals aren’t created equal, and they shouldn’t be treated the same.

How Social Tables Captures New Revenue Opportunities with Infer

Social Tables is a cloud-based event management software that helps venues and event planners work more collaboratively together. When the company looked to expand its business last year, the marketing team added more passive channels to drive new inquiries at the top of the funnel. They hit gold with content marketing and were soon inundated with 6,000 new leads per month, creating an enviable “champagne problem” — how to manage this high lead volume.

This company adopted Infer’s Profile Management platform and Predictive Scoring, and uncovered new revenue and expansion opportunities that increased its monthly opportunity pipeline by$500K and overall revenue by 7%.

Social Tables - Case Study Preview for Blog

Inside you’ll learn how Social Tables leveraged predictive to:

  • Identify new revenue channels and expansion opportunities by increasing effort with key groups of best-fit, high-value customer profiles.
  • Better qualify prospects through targeted outreach, resulting in deeper cross-functional alignment and a boost in sales efficiencies.
  • Gain a more comprehensive, at-a-glance view of both inbound and outbound prospects, allowing marketing and sales to fine-tune their conversation points and marketing strategies with personalization at scale.
  • Better profile inbound lead flows and understand shifts in ideal customer segments, enabling marketing to adjust campaigns in real-time and amplify their effectiveness.

Download the case study here >

Trevor Lynn, Social Tables for Infer

Read more about how other companies like Box, Zendesk, and New Relic use Infer to add value across their organizations, request a demo today, or sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Join Infer at Marketo Summit 2016

Marketo Summit is upon us yet again, and we’re geared up for a fantastic week of networking, learning, and connecting with thousands of data-driven marketers about the power that predictive can have on their businesses.

We are excited to showcase Infer’s latest updates at our booth this year, including the latest release of our Profile Management platform, which includes new self-service capabilities that gives marketers and salespeople more transparency and control over their data, and enables them to conduct more targeted, high-value outreach to buyers.

Stop by booth #706 for a demo, or schedule time to meet with an Infer exec.

We’ll also be chatting with the folks at InsightSquared about the benefits of predictive-driven ABM:

What: How to Build an Account-Based Marketing Strategy Using Predictive

The two hottest topics in marketing – predictive and account-based marketing – aren’t on parallel paths, they’re on convergent paths. This presentation will cover valuable tips for using predictive models with not only inbound marketing, but ABM programs as well. Learn how predictive enables personalization at scale by helping you “right size” your marketing effort to the very best accounts. InsightSquared, a rapidly growing business intelligence powerhouse out of Boston, is a data-driven company that has deployed predictive best practices across its organization to make day-to-day work easier and smarter. Infer and InsightSquared experts will share new ways to align your sales and marketing efforts for maximum revenue impact through:

  • Filtering and prioritization of inbound leads
  • Deploying effective account-based selling and marketing strategies
  • Optimizing marketing campaign efficacy
  • Monitoring lead behavior to supercharge nurture programs
  • Tracking and forecasting key metrics via sophisticated dashboards

When: Thursday, May 12, 9:30am

Where: Room 318

marketo summit 2016

Infer’s Self-Service Profiling Revolutionizes Predictive Sales and Marketing

Press Release: New Release of Infer Platform Helps Companies Go Beyond Lead Scoring to Boost Go-to-Market Impact and Drive Revenue Growth

Infer Inc., a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced the latest release of its Profile Management platform, including new quick-start features, personalized profile recommendations and a free 14-day trial. This update enables companies to instantly deploy Infer’s unique profiling solution and conduct more targeted, high-value outreach to potential buyers. As a result, customers like Avalara, Host Analytics, New Relic, Social Tables and UserVoice are uncovering new growth and expansion opportunities, resulting in revenue increases upwards of 15 percent.

Many businesses have adopted predictive lead scoring over the past few years, but are now recognizing that opaque scores alone are not enough to drive truly data-driven segmentation or other go-to-market strategies. To empower marketing teams with more transparency and control, Infer launched its Profile Management platform, which helps companies develop ideal target profiles based on valuable signals that previously remained behind the scores. By providing access to key attributes — including thousands of Infer’s proprietary signals and customer data from a company’s internal systems — in a single location, the self-service platform helps marketers more deeply segment leads, accounts and opportunities. As a result, businesses can better prioritize high-quality prospects, deliver more personalized messaging and increase conversions.

DIY Predictive Modeling – Pitfalls and Opportunities

Originally published on Business 2 Community

Self-Service predictive analytics for sales and marketing

As predictive analytics comes of age, we’re hearing a lot about data science methodologies like machine learning and data modeling. Until recently, these complex techniques were only employed by a relatively small group of data scientists. But new cloud services for machine learning from the likes of Amazon, Google and Microsoft claim to finally make it easy for any business to take advantage of the predictive revolution. As these types of solutions become common in the market, more do-it-yourself (DIY) tools will emerge for industry-specific flavors of predictive analytics in data-rich sectors like financial services, healthcare or retail, as well as in certain functional areas like predictive sales or marketing.