Meet Infer:
An AI-Powered Crystal Ball for Sales and Marketing!

Lead Scoring That Actually Works

What Is Your Data Trying To Tell You?

AI Has The Answers

The modern buyer isn’t easy to get on the phone, but they’re leaving a digital trail of as many as 700 signals that – if only you could decode them – can tell you if they’re a great prospect.

But to fully understand your buyer, you’d need to comprehend how 700 signals interact, a number so big it’s more than 3x the number of stars in the universe.

That’s not a job for human brains and spreadsheets.

Enter Infer, an AI-powered lead scoring solution that uses thousands of data points in our proprietary database to tell you who’s in the market and how likely they are to buy in the next 3 weeks.

Let us show you how Infer cuts through the uncertainty and gives your sales and marketing teams the intelligence they need to grow revenue.

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How Infer Cuts Through The Complexity

Connect To Your Databases

Connect Infer to your marketing automation platform and CRM with a live API connection.

Enrich Your Data

We enrich your data with thousands of data points from our proprietary database of firmographic, demographic and technographic intelligence on more than 19 million companies and 42 million prospects. This is used to build a fully fleshed-out profile including everything from company size to the technology they use.

Use Machine Learning To Find Patterns

Next, Infer applies advanced machine learning to discover hidden patterns within your enriched data to see which prospects are ready to buy.

Develop Your Roadmap

Infer combines this information into a matrix that gives you a perfect roadmap for your sales team. No more guessing about who to call next or ignoring good leads that are stuck in nurture.

Deploy Across Your Stack

Each lead’s score is instantly uploaded into your CRM or marketing automation platform so sales and marketing teams can start acting on that intelligence immediately.

Give Your Sales And Marketing Team An AI-Powered Crystal Ball

Wouldn’t you like to instantly make your sales team 40% more productive?

With Infer, we give you perfect clarity on who they should call and when. Even better, we tell you which leads you should never call and who belongs in nurture.


Increase your bookings up to 50%. Guaranteed.

The best lead screening in the world is useless unless you can use it to take action. SmartFunnel takes you beyond lead scoring. We use the prospect data to create a roadmap for every lead.

You can instantly prioritize the most engaged leads for sales. For marketing, SmartFunnel helps you drive conversions on your top and mid-funnel leads to fuel your pipeline growth. Just follow our recommendation and we guarantee you’ll increase your bookings up to 50% in 12 months.

We’ve worked with countless companies to transform their lead scoring. Here’s how we cut through the uncertainty and gave them the models that closed deals:

9.6 x
Conversion improvement
51 %
Won business from “A” leads
+ 30 %
Higher deal size

Your best guesses about leads aren’t getting it done. Let Infer show you the way through uncertainty.

Hear From Our Customers

  1. The next big step we’re really excited about is getting smarter with our advertising through predictive. Infer lets us look at acquisition channels based on who’s coming in, so we can tell exactly which ones are sending us the most good-fit and poor-fit leads. We can now look at more meaningful metrics than volume alone, and have already identified channels that deliver 50% Infer A-leads versus our standard ratio, which is eight bad leads for every one good lead.

    Nicholas Heim, Director of Inbound Marketing, HotJar
  2. By adding Infer Predictive Scoring into our reps’ existing workflows, we were able to boost conversions for our largest category of leads from 1% to 8.3% – which drove a huge increase in efficiency across the team.

    Carolyn Wellsfry Cheng, Senior Manager of Demand Generation, ShoreTel
  3. Infer is truly the master of the predictive analytics and scoring domain, and its team works hard to help us grow our business. We got started with predictive scoring in only one week and have since increased the overall volume and quality of leads that marketing delivers to sales, while also improving the ROI of our marketing programs across the board.

    Franck Ardourel, Director of Marketing, DNN Software


  • Increase your pipeline by making better investments in campaigns generating good leads
  • Pass the right leads to sales for immediate contact
  • Uncover great leads stranded in nurture
  • Keep poor quality leads out of your CRM
  • Stop arguing about lead scoring models


  • Only work leads that will close
  • Create more accurate forecasting
  • Increase pipeline velocity
  • Get better pipeline visibility
  • Never miss an opportunity
  • Never waste time on a bad opportunity
  • Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Your best guesses about leads aren’t getting it done.
Let Infer show you the way through uncertainty.