Behavior Scoring

The missing link in Account-Based Marketing

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Define and engage your best Marketing
Qualified Accounts (MQAs)

Acts and looks like a buyer

Full-Funnel Behavior Signals

Connect your marketing automation platform, like Marketo, Pardot or Oracle Eloqua, to analyze the complete spectrum of activity signals across the buyer’s journey.

Automatically Map Leads to Accounts

Infer's Lead to Account (L2A) matching makes it easy to accurately map individuals’ activity data to the appropriate account in Salesforce.

Automatically Map Leads to Accounts
Instant Account Engagement Insights

Instant Account Engagement Insights

Get actionable sales intelligence at the account level including the amount of engaged contacts in a given account or market segment.

ABM Engagement Reports

Salesforce ABM reports show which business size, line of business or industry segments are surging so you can understand if your programs are reaching target markets.

Behavior by Industry
Joe Busto

The new Infer Scores give us much-needed visibility into the activities of each account in our Total Addressable Market, which lets us immediately see how effective our ABM programs are versus waiting for downstream metrics from lengthy sales cycles.

Infer helps us understand whether we’re driving engagement with people in our target accounts, which pieces of content are fueling this engagement, and where we need to put more of our energy.

Joe Busto
Senior Director of Sales Development

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