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Target Companies You Can Close

Use AI to find the companies that are in market and ready to buy. Focus on the contacts that are the most engaged, so you know who to call and when.

Engage Your Best ABM Accounts

Automatically Map Leads To Accounts

Map each individual’s activity data to the appropriate account in Salesforce.

See Instant Engagement Insights

Get actionable sales intelligence at the account level, including the amount of engaged contacts in a given account or market segment.

View Engagement Trends

Salesforce ABM reports show which business size, line of business or industry segments are surging so you can see if your programs are reaching target markets.

Powering Account-Based Strategies For The Smartest Companies

  • 77%

    Of total new business revenue resulted from the top 26% of A and B leads

  • 3.4x

    Conversion frequency average improvement

  • 6%

    Of total revenue resulted from filtering the bottom 44% of accounts

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How Predictive Account Behavior Scoring Works

Plug in your databases

Connect Infer to your CRM and marketing automation platform.

Append thousands of data points to each record

Infer instantly enriches your database with thousands of demographic, firmographic and technographic data points. We’ll also instantly match individual records to their account.

Use machine learning to model your ideal target company

Infer pairs you with a data scientist to create machine learning models of your unique ideal account profile and the behavior triggers that can tell you they’re ready to buy.

Automatically generate a list of target accounts

Infer generates a list of accounts that fit the profiles where you’ve had the best success.

Use Predictive To Build And Close More Pipeline

Stop wasting time on accounts that will never close. Use AI to find the companies that are ready to buy.

  • Build Your Target Account List

    Prioritize accounts that look like your best customers

  • Assign Territories

    Ensure equal distribution of quality accounts across reps.

  • Increase Opportunity Win Rate

    Focus on accounts with the highest ACV and buying behavior.

  • Improve Demand Gen

    Reduce research time and guesswork for outbound efforts.

Account-based predictive scoring offers a better way to prioritize accounts. By using machine learning to build predictive models, your team can use multiple scores to determine when and who to sell to.

With the scores from these models, your team knows which accounts are the best fit for your brand, and which individuals in those accounts are showing behaviors that they’re ready to buy.

ABM Starts With Predictive

This is why Infer is one of the top Account-Based Marketing Solutions on G2:

“The new Infer scores give us much-needed visibility into the activities of each account in our Total Addressable Market, which lets us immediately see how effective our ABM programs are versus waiting for downstream metrics from lengthy sales cycles.

Infer helps us understand whether we’re driving engagement with people in our target accounts, which pieces of content are fueling this engagement, and where we need to put more of our energy.”

Joe Busto Senior Director of Sales Development

Supercharge your AMB plays in days, not months.

“We see the most important ROI measures for ABM and predictive as those that have a clear impact on the bottom line.”

Learn more about implementing ABM tools to identify the best accounts, drive pipeline velocity and help your sales reps have better informed conversations.

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