Infer’s account selection and scoring platform helps B2B companies transform their account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities. Infer’s AI-powered software can quickly build ideal account profiles for each of your products and identify the target accounts most likely to buy. It’s the pinpoint guidance you need to drive higher win rates, streamline your sales funnel, reduce costs and improve ROI on marketing campaigns.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is an increasingly popular B2B strategy that provides a more precise way to market and sell products. Rather than going after entire markets or industries with one-size-fits-all tactics, the ABM approach targets specific high-value accounts – and specific stakeholders and roles within them – with tailored, personal campaigns.

This focused approach enables marketers to dedicate resources to those prospects with the greatest likelihood to convert and highest revenue potential. Through the creation of personalized ABM strategies for each target account, 87% of B2B marketers agree that ABM delivers better ROI than traditional scattershot marketing tactics.

When Do You Need An Account-Based Marketing Strategy?

Account-based marketing gives you maximum control over who to target in your B2B marketing campaigns for a more efficient and effective sales process. Adopting an ABM strategy can help your sales and marketing teams concentrate their efforts on the accounts most likely to buy and who are the best match for your products. That’s more time focused on closing bigger deals with greater win rates, and less time chasing leads that go nowhere.

Traditionally, ABM strategy development was a time-consuming process that relied on manual analysis and guesswork to identify target accounts, design campaigns and plan sales tactics. Infer transforms that process, using AI and machine learning technology to ensure that you’re targeting the right accounts with the optimal campaigns. There’s no more hit-or-miss: you know exactly who to go after and how to market to them. If your business sells to specific accounts with multiple roles and stakeholders, or to accounts of a certain size in a specific market segment, you should consider adopting an ABM strategy supported by Infer. Infer can dramatically accelerate ABM account selection, campaign development and sales cycles, while slashing overall costs and generating much higher ROI from your ABM programs.

ABM Starts With Predictive

This is why Infer is one of the top Account-Based Marketing Solutions on G2Crowd:

The new Infer scores give us much-needed visibility into the activities of each account in our Total Addressable Market, which lets us immediately see how effective our ABM programs are versus waiting for downstream metrics from lengthy sales cycles.

Infer helps us understand whether we’re driving engagement with people in our target accounts, which pieces of content are fueling this engagement, and where we need to put more of our energy.

Joe Busto

Senior Director of Sales Development

How Infer Enables Account-Based Marketing Technology

Account Planning & Selection

Infer leverages AI and machine learning technology to identify the accounts most likely to produce the biggest results for your business. The process begins by combining data from your CRM and marketing automation platform (MAP) with thousands of data points from our own massive database of company information. This is used to build detailed company profiles.  

Next, Infer analyzes the enriched data to identify the ideal account profile for each of your products. Then Infer finds the accounts that best match the profiles where you’ve had the most success, building a list of target accounts. Your marketing and sales teams are provided with precise, actionable guidance on exactly which accounts to focus on. Learn More About Infer Account Planning And Selection.

Account-Based Fit Scoring

Infer’s predictive account-based scoring can help you build a better ABM strategy by prioritizing accounts with precise fit scores. Infer computes the scores automatically, using key behavioral signals and fit data from your CRM and MAP,  as well as Infer’s proprietary database of firmographic, demographic and technographic intelligence on more than 19 million companies and 42 million prospects. Our machine learning algorithms assign values to thousands of these data signals and derive predictive account-based fit scores your sales and marketing teams can use to accurately determine which target accounts they should go after. Learn More About Infer Account-Based Fit Scoring.

Account-Based Behavior Scoring

Infer’s AI-powered software can help you identify which of your accounts are the most engaged and ready to buy. Our account-based behavior scoring leverages data in your CRM and MAP, as well as third-party behavior data, to create highly accurate scores indicating which accounts are likeliest to convert, and when.

You can automatically map leads to accounts, get instant insights like the amount of engaged contacts in a given account or market segment, and view engagement trends – all within your marketing automation platform or CRM. Learn More About Infer Account-Based Behavior Scoring.

The Keys to Account-Based Marketing Success

It’s key to remember that account-based marketing tactics are not the same as the common outbound and inbound marketing tactics. Account-based marketing targets individual accounts, such as specific companies, with specialized campaigns and messaging. Instead of generic messages aimed at broad market segments, ABM lets your marketing and sales team speak directly to the pain points, needs and requirements of specific target companies and stakeholders.

Benefits Of Account-Based Marketing

  • Clearer ROI: Since an ABM strategy targets individual accounts with precision, it’s easier for sales and marketing teams to understand effort versus impact with a clearer ROI than traditional marketing. 
  • Optimization: Infer’s predictive marketing analytics can help you get a deep view into your target accounts’ behaviors so you can customize your ABM strategy and automatically prioritize accounts.
  • Lower Risk and Greater Productivity: A successful ABM program lets each account manager target, market to, convert, and upsell a much larger number of contacts before another account manager has to be hired.


Infer’s flexible API library connects to just about anything, including all top CRMs and marketing automation platforms. Your sales and marketing teams will be able to see scoring and key signals right on each record.

Launching an ABM Strategy

Every ABM strategy starts somewhere. This checklist can help your business decide when and how to begin deploying an ABM strategy.

1. Identify goals and strategy.

Are you looking to sell to high-value businesses, but struggling to reach them? Analyze the current state of your sales and marketing efforts and establish concrete goals and metrics for key parameters like contact rates and conversion rates.  

2. Create a target list to identify high-priority prospects with Infer.

Once your business decides to adopt an ABM strategy, you’ll need a list of accounts to target. Infer takes the uncertainty and guesswork out of the process, automatically building a profile of the ideal prospect and analyzing fit and behavior data to find the companies and people who best match the profile. 

3. Segment leads using Infer’s SmartFunnel Service.

Use Infer’s SmartFunnel service to get detailed recommendations on how to appropriately segment your audiences in your sales funnel. Align your sales and marketing strategies to specific triggers identified by Infer to ensure each of your leads receives the right action at the right time for maximum impact. 

4. Let AI prioritize your accounts.

Infer’s AI and machine learning technology automatically evaluates which accounts your sales team should contact immediately, which ones need more time in nurture, and which ones should be deprioritized to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts. Precise fit and behavior scores tell you exactly what you need to know.

5. Design and launch campaigns.

Align your sales and marketing teams on campaign strategies for each of your target accounts. Create high-impact custom content and messaging for each account to be implemented in your ABM campaign.

Launch your campaign, whether it’s email, paid media, outbound calls or more, and view your instant engagement insights from Infer across your tech stack. Infer integrates with all the top CRM and marketing automation platforms.

6. Measure and optimize.

Did your campaign have the desired effect? How much pipeline did you close? And most of all, what was the revenue impact? Track and measure your results and continue to fine-tune your campaigns for improved performance. Infer continues to learn, too. As new data on wins, losses and pipeline activity comes in, Infer refines its models and adjusts lead scores for even greater predictive accuracy and better results.

Supercharge your ABM plays in days, not months.