Tips for Using Retargeting to Drive ABM Success (Part 2)

This article was originally published on the AdRoll Blog by Sean Zinsmeister, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Infer.

When it comes to our account-based marketing (ABM) strategy specifically, retargeting is a valuable channel for getting the right messages in front of our top prospects. However, in the past, I have struggled to find the right approach for optimizing and focusing media spend. It’s important for us marketers to buck our instincts and remember that ABM is not about quantity, it’s about delivering quality messages to a smaller number of quality prospects.

At Infer, we do this by eating our own dog food and using both Infer Profile Management and Infer Predictive Scoring to find the best-fit prospects that we want to prospect to or retarget. Here are four key elements of our ABM strategy:

  1. Identify target profiles – We look at Infer Scores across our total addressable market (TAM)—along with key data signals (e.g., information about an account’s engagement, technology stack, business model, etc.)—to create data-rich, descriptive prospect profiles. By thoughtfully hyper-segmenting these high-potential Infer Profiles, we can avoid wasting our display advertising budget on the wrong targets and we can deliver more personalized messages.
  2. Develop custom campaigns – We then put together content for new campaigns in AdRoll—e.g., Infer A-rated prospects receive a special offer, or members of a specific profile type see a targeted ad with a relevant case study. For example, we might show best-fit marketers who use Marketo some creative about a new integration we’ve launched for that platform.
  3. Feed prospects into AdRoll – Next, we push our list of prospects (both net new accounts and existing targets) into AdRoll to be retargeted using its CRM Retargeting integration. AdRoll pumps the results back to us on a per-contact basis so we can see who has responded to the offer and we can start to measure ROI down to the per-person level.
  4. Measure success – Thanks to Infer Predictive Scoring, we can measure the quality of the leads we’re reaching, make course corrections as needed, and ensure that our messaging and channels are effectively aligned with our target profiles.

While it sometimes feels counterintuitive to whittle down the audience for marketing campaigns so much, when it comes to ABM, smaller actually is better. All of these predictive-enhanced retargeting techniques help increase our marketing performance and get more bang for every advertising dollar.

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