MarTech Advisor Q&A with Infer’s Jamie Grenney

In preparation for tomorrow’s Flip My Funnel conference in Atlanta, Ankush Gupta, the managing editor of MarTech Advisor, interviewed our own Jamie Grenney for his views on all things funnel and martech-related.


Here’s an excerpt from their Q&A:

What is your take on the massive explosion of MarTech companies across so many categories? How do you weigh in on the whole “build vs buy” choice that marketers have?  It is an exciting time to be a marketer. There are more mediums to reach customers, more data sources to draw from, and better tools for optimizing the funnel. While there is an upper limit on the number of vendors your organization can manage, I’m a fan of buy vs. build. With cloud-based applications you get seasonal releases, open APIs, and pre-build connectors. That last piece is key for stitching together best-of-breed applications.

How does one get started with Account Based Marketing since it’s time-consuming and requires considerable effort? Should it only be for high value sales or has marketing technology today achieved enough competence to scale ABM to a larger number of accounts?  While some companies struggle to sift through huge volumes of incoming leads, others depend on outbound sales and account-based marketing to drive growth. In some cases this means a highly concentrated set of accounts, but in others it’s a green field of opportunity. At Infer we help companies rank their cold accounts based on fit for the product and their revenue potential. Our predictive models spot likely b-to-b buyers by taking into account the relevancy of different job titles, plus intent signals derived from individuals’ online behavior. This helps companies cut through the noise and confusion of multiple prospects and surface the right set of individuals to focus on at specific organizations. Having that level of data driven focus from beginning is a great way to jumpstart your efforts.

What do you see as the future of account-based marketing?  I think we’ll see a movement from predictive to prescriptive. Today forward-thinking companies have a predictive score that tells them how good of a fit a prospect is and whether or not they’re likely to buy soon. Those two predictions unlock enormous value because they help align effort with impact. Looking further out, predictive vendors will go beyond a simple score and make specific recommendations regarding what action or what piece of content is most likely to advance a prospect towards a long-term outcome.


Check out the full blog post here to read more of Jamie’s perspectives on a variety of topics, swing by Infer’s table at tomorrow’s conference, and learn from Infer’s Sean Zinsmeister during the event’s closing panel on account-based marketing at 3:50pm ET on Tuesday, August 11.

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