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Predictive Account Selection for Cross-Sell/Upsell Teams

We use data science to tell you exactly who to call and what to sell them. Get out there and close some deals.

We Can Tell You What Your Customers Are Going To Buy Next - Here’s How It Works

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Connect To Your Databases

Connect Infer to your Marketing Automation Platform and CRM with a live API connection.

Enrich Your Data

We enrich your data with thousands of data points from our proprietary database of firmographic, demographic and technographic intelligence on more than 19 million companies and 42 million prospects. Take each record from name, email and phone number to a fully fleshed-out profile including everything from company size to the technology they use. We also match individual records to their company account.

Use Machine Learning to Find The Ideal Accounts

Then Infer uses advanced machine learning to discover hidden patterns within your enriched data to determine the ideal account profile for every product or add-on in your portfolio.

Identify Your Target Accounts

Infer generates a list of accounts that fit the profiles where you’ve had the best success. No more guessing about who to call next or ignoring good leads that are stuck in nurture.

Deploy Across Your Stack

Each lead’s score is instantly uploaded into your CRM or Marketing Automation Platform so sales and marketing teams can start acting on that intelligence immediately

The Science Of Target Account Selection

For each product in your portfolio, Infer’s machine learning algorithms assign predictive values to thousands of signals, including company size, geography, revenue, industry social presence and technology.

Apply data science to your account selection with immediate insight into which accounts are most likely to buy which of your offerings.

Want to see how this plays out with your own data?

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Why Predictive


Use machine learning to automatically build your target account list by identifying who’s a perfect fit for each of your products and add-ons.


Increase sales & marketing productivity by focusing your sales team on accounts that are statistically most likely to convert.


Gain key insight into account buyer profiles to plan better sales conversations and improve the customer experience.

Yes, we connect to your tech stack

Infer’s flexible API library connects to just about anything, including all top CRMs and marketing automation platforms. Your reps will be able to see scoring and key signals right on each record.

Before Infer, we didn’t have a good way of prioritizing leads across our sales team, but now that we have account scoring, we’re able to spend the right resources on the right accounts. Our Infer scores help in every step of the sales cycle from the middle of the funnel to analysis after the close.

Zoe Silverman Sales Operations

  • 80%

    Of upsell revenue resulted from top 14% of A leads

  • 100%

    Of upsell revenue resulted from A/B leads

  • 5.2x

    Average speed conversion improvement for A leads

Dramatically improve your sales team’s productivity in days, not months.

“The success of your ABM campaign depends on the accounts you target, and by having quality data, you can target the accounts that are best fits and most profitable for your business.”

Learn how to use predictive analytics to find your best cross-sell and upsell opportunities for your sales team in our blog post.

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