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Behavior Scoring

Infer’s behavioral models mine the full spectrum of activity data inside your marketing automation platform to help you identify which prospects are in market and ready to buy.

How Behavior Scoring Works

Plug in your databases

Connect Infer to your CRM and marketing automation platform.

Append thousands of data points to each record

Automatically enrich your database with thousands of demographic, firmographic and technographic data points.

Use machine learning to model your customer journey

Infer pairs you with a data scientist to create machine learning models of your unique ideal customer and the behavior triggers that can tell you they’re ready to buy.

Automatically score each new record

Infer automatically scores each new record in your database and feeds it back to your CRM and marketing automation platform.

The Science Of Behavior Modeling

Instead of manually adding points for a given action, Infer’s behavioral scoring models use powerful machine learning to mine the full spectrum of activity data inside your marketing automation platform and assign a predictive value to every action your prospects are taking.

Your model can accurately predict which prospects will convert in the next three weeks and which will require more nurture before they’re ready to buy.

Want to see how this plays out with your own data?

Request a proof of concept model

Predictive vs. Traditional Lead Scoring

Traditional lead scoring strings together a series of best guesses about who your buyer is and how to know when they’re in-market. Infer uses machine learning to answer those questions with uncanny accuracy.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • Traditional Lead Scoring

    Based on a set of best guesses

    Their Model
    • Manually defined rules based on gut instinct and intuition

    • Scores based on a small subset of the activity in your marketing automation platform

    • Not statistically significant

    • Rolls up a broad set of behaviors, only focusing on manually input positive and negative activities

    • Limited to the conditional rules set by the user

    • Doesn’t discount score for inactivity

  • The Infer Method

    Based on advanced predictive intelligence

    Our Model
    • Models your customers’ behavior with machine learning to accurately weight each signal

    • Uses the full spectrum of activity data collected by your marketing automation platform, including every email click, website visit and social engagement

    • Has statistical confidence to predict conversion points within a set time period

    • Accounts for the concentration of activities as well as the breadth of engagement

    • Automatically selects the most predictive behaviors to include

    • Decays activities and inactivity at the appropriate rate

Yes, we connect to your tech stack

Infer’s flexible API library connects to just about anything, including all top CRMs and marketing automation platforms. Your reps will be able to see scoring and key signals right on each record.

As more and more companies discover our software analytics products, we use Infer’s dynamic scoring to provide the right contacts to our sales team at the right time. The company’s behavioral models automatically surface deals that will close significantly sooner and more often than our average prospect.

Baxter Denney VP of Online Marketing and Operations

  • 9.6x

    Conversion improvement

  • 51%

    Won business from “A” leads

  • +30%

    Higher deal size

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“A good behavior score should be able to stand on its own and be able to predict an outcome in a set timeframe - like the next three weeks.”

Take a deep dive into how Infer creates behavior models in our eBook. Learn how predictive behavioral modeling is more powerful than the traditional lead scoring method you’re using now.

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