Behavior Scoring

Infer’s behavioral models mine the full spectrum of activity data inside your marketing automation platform to help you identify which prospects are in-market ready
to buy.

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  • Behavior Scoring
  • Behavior Scoring
  • Behavior Scoring
  • Behavior Scoring

How does Behavior Scoring Work

Instead of manually adding points for a given action, behavioral models use machine learning to weigh each signal appropriately to predict the likelihood of an conversion within a set time period.

Behavior eBook

Inside our 8 page eBook you'll learn:

  • The six most common use cases for behavior scoring
  • Best practices for operationalizing your fit and behavior scoring
  • Top 5 differences between traditional and predictive behavioral models

Example Use Cases

Take a step beyond fit-scoring by adding some of these plays to your predictive marketing playbook

Advanced Prioritization


Make it easy for sales to tell the difference between a cold prospect, tire kicker, and one that is exhibiting real buying behavior.

Surfacing Gold

Surfacing Gold Out of
Nurture Leads

Overcome sales recency bias by surfacing good prospects
who have re-engaged.

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

Measuring Campaign

Identify which marketing programs are driving engagement and
which are falling short.

Baxter Denney

As more and more companies discover our software analytics products, we use Infer’s dynamic scoring to provide the right contacts to our sales team at the right time.

The company’s behavioral models automatically surface deals that will close significantly sooner and more often than our average prospect.

Baxter Denney, VP of Online Marketing and Operations New Relic

Infer Behavior Scoring Resources

What's the difference between
traditional and predictive


Understand the key differences between predictive and traditional behavior scoring.

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Behavioral Test

Behavioral Scoring Test

While there are a lot of vendors who say they’ve got behavioral scoring figured out, the degree of accuracy and coverage can vary widely.

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What's the deal with


This 8 page eBook will give you a better understanding of this exciting new frontier.

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How it Works?

How it Works?

How can you predict when someone is ready to make their move?

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