Bitly Discusses Managing Lead Flow

This podcast interview with Infer customer Seiya Vogt, Director of Demand Generation at Bitly, was originally published on Marketing Over Coffee.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than hearing our customers share their predictive sales and marketing success stories. Bitly, a company most well-known for helping to opimize links through their link shortener tool, sat down with John Wall at Marketing Over Coffee to discuss their enterprise business, how they’re using Infer for lead and account scoring, and why implementing an account-based marketing strategy has helped them transform their marketing and sales funnel.

Listen to the interview here.

Episode Breakdown:

Learn how the Bitly team use:

• Predictive Lead Scoring to manage and qualify 10,000 leads a month, and 4–7k free users a day

• A combination of Behavior + Fit modeling to define their MQL for sales and marketing workflows

• Account Scoring to prioritize and target their best accounts for Bitly Enterprise’s ABM and upmarket strategy

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