Carolyn Wellsfry Cheng of Shoretel Discusses Integration, Adoption, Closed Loop Reporting, and Combining Cloud and Location Based Solutions [Podcast]

We’re back with another episode of Stack & Flow! This week we’re joined by Top Predictive Innovator Carolyn Wellsfry Cheng from Shoretel to discuss the differences between account-based marketing and selling, which strategy she predicts is here to stay, and why buying flashy tools isn’t always the best choice.

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Guest Bio:

Reporting to the CMO, Carolyn leads the team responsible for creating and executing the online marketing and demand generation strategy that supports aggressive revenue growth targets for the business and feeds our sales pipeline. Carolyn is also responsible for all supporting marketing infrastructure, website tools, and closed-loop attribution and reporting of Marketing activities.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Why ABM is not Account-Based Selling
  • Using Implicit and Explicit Scoring Along with Predictive Analytics
  • The Gold You Know is Buried in Your Excel Spreadsheets that You’re Ashamed Of
  • The Challenges of Integration, Adoption, and Timing

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