From One Rocketship To the Next

Jim HerboldSo I woke up one morning earlier this year and it actually sank in… my departure from Box was complete. I had helped find and hire my replacement, the transition was finalized, and my last day had come and gone. I had an amazing and career-changing journey over six and a half years at Box – going from the first sales hire to the EVP of global sales. Our team was incredible, the hypergrowth was consistent and predictable, and the company was ready for an IPO. Box’s sales and sales operations engines were humming. We had built a rocketship.

But as the S1 filing approached, I knew it was time for me to begin my next chapter. If your name is on an S1, you really should plan to stick around for a couple years (public markets are not fond of the flux created by a departing head of sales). I wanted to take what I had learned about growth and build again.

There’s an incredible amount of innovation and disruption happening in Silicon Valley right now, and I was humbled by the many opportunities that came my way. But through all of these introductions to amazing companies, there was one that was already the incumbent…

Infer More than Doubles Headcount to Meet Exploding Demand for Predictive Sales and Marketing Applications

Press Release: Company Builds Out Customer Success Team to Help Unlock Revenue with Predictive Lead Scoring

Infer Inc., a leading provider of predictive applications that help companies win more customers, today announced a 130 percent increase in its employee base since the start of 2014. This year, Infer has brought on experts with deep, data-centric operations experience at leading consumer and enterprise companies in order to scale its powerful predictive lead scoring solution to thousands of companies.

Infer is Attracting ‘Google Genius’ to Unlock B2B Revenue

Google-Genius-InferWhen you’re in crazy startup mode like us, you don’t often get a chance to sit back and reflect on the things that make it all possible. After growing our engineering team by 160% in the past quarter with amazing Google-caliber talent, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate the team.

As anyone who works in Silicon Valley knows, the battle for talent here is as heated as ever, and it’s not easy – especially in the enterprise space – to compete with all the other hot startups out there for the best engineers. But building the right core team is critical to hiring more great engineers, because smart people attract smart people. As a matter of fact;


Infer’s DNA: What We’ve Learned from Google & Salesforce

Infer DNA

As the predictive space heats up, it’s important to understand the DNA of your technology partners and be comfortable that you’re aligning yourself with the vendors who will win. In our case, we’re proud that Infer reflects our collective experiences at both Google and Salesforce. With three founders hailing from Google, and key advisors and early employees from Salesforce, we’ve learned a ton from these hugely successful companies.

What’s in our Google DNA?

1) Focus

Google won the battle for search in large part because it was focused. While AOL and Yahoo! viewed themselves as portals that happened to have search boxes, Google focused their energy on delivering amazing search results. After our founder Vik looked at all the different challenges B2B companies face, he took a similar approach and focused in on the one where we could unlock the most value.