Infer is Attracting ‘Google Genius’ to Unlock B2B Revenue

Google-Genius-InferWhen you’re in crazy startup mode like us, you don’t often get a chance to sit back and reflect on the things that make it all possible. After growing our engineering team by 160% in the past quarter with amazing Google-caliber talent, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate the team.

As anyone who works in Silicon Valley knows, the battle for talent here is as heated as ever, and it’s not easy – especially in the enterprise space – to compete with all the other hot startups out there for the best engineers. But building the right core team is critical to hiring more great engineers, because smart people attract smart people. As a matter of fact;


Joe and Cassie join the Infer Engineering team!

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At Infer, we are revolutionizing sales and marketing operations in companies using data intelligence, and building products that our customers love.  But one thing that we believe is a truly crucial ingredient in building a successful enterprise company is having a world-class engineering team.

That’s why today, we are beyond excited to welcome two amazing new additions to our team — Joe Gershenson from Facebook, and Cassie Doll from Google!

Introducing reactive programming and declarative UIs in CoffeeScript

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At Infer, our engineering team faces no shortage of technical challenges, but it’s not all just about data lifting and machine learning. Everything always comes back to the user, whether it’s helping companies better understand their customers through our dashboards, or providing the visual tooling necessary for our own team to build models more productively. We build these out as web-based user interfaces of varying complexity.

Today we’re announcing the release of a new tool that will hopefully make building these web app frontends a bit more expressive and fun. is a small, lightweight CoffeeScript library that provides two sets of functionality:

  • a set of primitive data structures for reactive programming an HTML template
  • DSL with for building dynamic, reactive web UIs