Hacking Content Marketing With Predictive Analytics

Content Summit is a 5-day virtual conference dedicated to sharing the most effective B2B content marketing strategies & tactics, which are delivered by a B2B marketing executive or thought leader. Our very own Sean Zinsmeister hosted a session on how content marketers can get the most out of their programs using predictive intelligence.

Watch the replay below:

#GoPredictive with Infer at Dreamforce 2016


We’re officially kicking off the countdown to Dreamforce 2016!  With over 2,000 sessions to choose from over four days that span industries, specialties, and roles, there’s truly something for everyone. We’re looking forward to connecting with many of you there, so we’ve put together a list of where you can find us at the big event. See you in San Francisco!

Visit our Booths, #2104 & #2212. Drop by one of our two booths located in Moscone South, where you can meet the Infer team (we’ll be wearing the green Infer t-shirts below!), chat with some of our best and brightest customers, or get a demo of our predictive solutions like Predictive Scoring or Profile Management. You can also pre-schedule a demo here.

Sean Zinsmeister and Microsoft Talk Account-Based Marketing

Sean MFST interview

At this year’s Marketo Summit, we had the pleasure of connecting with Alex Sessoms from Microsoft, who hosts an interview series aimed at teaching marketers how to get the most out of their ABM resources. In this interview, Sean Zinsmeister covers all the ABM basics, including: what types of companies can benefit from ABM, best practices for ABM implementation, how to measure success, and why organizations are using predictive analytics to boost their Account-Based Marketing strategies.

You can watch the video below, or listen to the audio interview on our podcast channel on SoundCloud.

Join Infer at Marketo Summit 2016

Marketo Summit is upon us yet again, and we’re geared up for a fantastic week of networking, learning, and connecting with thousands of data-driven marketers about the power that predictive can have on their businesses.

We are excited to showcase Infer’s latest updates at our booth this year, including the latest release of our Profile Management platform, which includes new self-service capabilities that gives marketers and salespeople more transparency and control over their data, and enables them to conduct more targeted, high-value outreach to buyers.

Stop by booth #706 for a demo, or schedule time to meet with an Infer exec.

We’ll also be chatting with the folks at InsightSquared about the benefits of predictive-driven ABM:

What: How to Build an Account-Based Marketing Strategy Using Predictive

The two hottest topics in marketing – predictive and account-based marketing – aren’t on parallel paths, they’re on convergent paths. This presentation will cover valuable tips for using predictive models with not only inbound marketing, but ABM programs as well. Learn how predictive enables personalization at scale by helping you “right size” your marketing effort to the very best accounts. InsightSquared, a rapidly growing business intelligence powerhouse out of Boston, is a data-driven company that has deployed predictive best practices across its organization to make day-to-day work easier and smarter. Infer and InsightSquared experts will share new ways to align your sales and marketing efforts for maximum revenue impact through:

  • Filtering and prioritization of inbound leads
  • Deploying effective account-based selling and marketing strategies
  • Optimizing marketing campaign efficacy
  • Monitoring lead behavior to supercharge nurture programs
  • Tracking and forecasting key metrics via sophisticated dashboards

When: Thursday, May 12, 9:30am

Where: Room 318

marketo summit 2016

#InferClock Campaign

ClockDreamforce has become a huge event and we’re always looking for new ways to stand out. We’ve had a lot of fun with our shoe campaign, but thought we’d try something different this year.

We came across this clocks and thought it’d be a great conversation starter on the show floor. What is it? I’ll give you a couple clues:

  • The clock calibrates itself
  • Its hand would be in the same position whether you are in Tokyo, Paris or New York
  • There aren’t very many of these clocks in the world today (and most of them are in the MOMA)
  • The concept is very new and very very old at the same time
  • Four year olds are often able to solve this riddle faster than adults

The answer… It’s a Seasonal Clock

At Dreamforce we’re going to give away 50 of them, one every hour.

Predictive Meets Inbound Marketing

This week, we’re celebrating all things inbound at the annual HubSpot Inbound conference in Boston, and it’s been great to see the enthusiasm around this exploding breed of marketing.



What’s even more exciting are the many discussions around the rise of predictive. HubSpot is the latest software player to join the AI Spring, announcing today that it is adding basic predictive features to its product. This is a great way to get started with predictive if you want to minimize your marketing automation configuration burden, but don’t yet have a significant customer base or aren’t ready to jump fully into advanced predictive lead scoring.

Dreamforce ’15

Arguably one of the hottest cloud events of the year is quickly approaching, and like many folks we’re gearing up for another exciting Dreamforce in San Francisco this month.

Want to book some time to connect?

Mike Cabot Mike Cabot – VP of Sales @ Infer – Mike heads up Sales at Infer where he joined over three years ago as the first employee (non-founder). Want to learn how Infer leverages predictive internally, hear some customer stories, or just talk shop? Book a time.
Jamie Grenney Jamie Grenney – VP of Marketing @ Infer – Jamie started as employee number 140 at Salesforce. After 11 years there he jumped to Infer and heads up the marketing team. Want to talk about our product roadmap or marketing strategy? Book a time.
SeanZ Sean Zinsmeister – Product Marketing @ Infer – former customer and now Director of Product Marketing @ Infer – Interested in learning how Infer’s customers using predictive intelligence? Get an inside look at predictive playbooks with Sean. Book a time.
Andrew Angus Andrew Angus – Demand Gen Marketing @ Infer – Hands on strategy to help generate more leads and tips on implementing predictive to get more out of our SDR team. Book a time.

Where to find us? 

Infer #df15

MarTech Advisor Q&A with Infer’s Jamie Grenney

In preparation for tomorrow’s Flip My Funnel conference in Atlanta, Ankush Gupta, the managing editor of MarTech Advisor, interviewed our own Jamie Grenney for his views on all things funnel and martech-related.


Here’s an excerpt from their Q&A:

What is your take on the massive explosion of MarTech companies across so many categories? How do you weigh in on the whole “build vs buy” choice that marketers have?  It is an exciting time to be a marketer. There are more mediums to reach customers, more data sources to draw from, and better tools for optimizing the funnel. While there is an upper limit on the number of vendors your organization can manage, I’m a fan of buy vs. build. With cloud-based applications you get seasonal releases, open APIs, and pre-build connectors. That last piece is key for stitching together best-of-breed applications.

How does one get started with Account Based Marketing since it’s time-consuming and requires considerable effort? Should it only be for high value sales or has marketing technology today achieved enough competence to scale ABM to a larger number of accounts?  While some companies struggle to sift through huge volumes of incoming leads, others depend on outbound sales and account-based marketing to drive growth. In some cases this means a highly concentrated set of accounts, but in others it’s a green field of opportunity. At Infer we help companies rank their cold accounts based on fit for the product and their revenue potential. Our predictive models spot likely b-to-b buyers by taking into account the relevancy of different job titles, plus intent signals derived from individuals’ online behavior. This helps companies cut through the noise and confusion of multiple prospects and surface the right set of individuals to focus on at specific organizations. Having that level of data driven focus from beginning is a great way to jumpstart your efforts.

What do you see as the future of account-based marketing?  I think we’ll see a movement from predictive to prescriptive. Today forward-thinking companies have a predictive score that tells them how good of a fit a prospect is and whether or not they’re likely to buy soon. Those two predictions unlock enormous value because they help align effort with impact. Looking further out, predictive vendors will go beyond a simple score and make specific recommendations regarding what action or what piece of content is most likely to advance a prospect towards a long-term outcome.


Check out the full blog post here to read more of Jamie’s perspectives on a variety of topics, swing by Infer’s table at tomorrow’s conference, and learn from Infer’s Sean Zinsmeister during the event’s closing panel on account-based marketing at 3:50pm ET on Tuesday, August 11.

Find Your Secret Sales Development Weapon

Sales development reps and managers know how tough it can be to drive a quality pipeline without the right tools. That’s why BrightTALK is hosting a group of innovative sales development leaders to have a roundtable discussion on the newest solutions that effectively accelerate sales and help companies get ahead of their competition.

sales development

Check out the panel webinar later this week and hear what our very own director of sales development, David Dulany, along with Ralph Barsi of Achievers, Andrew McGuire of Zendesk and Sean Kester of SalesLoft have to say about the latest and greatest sales development tools on the market today.

Concur and New Relic Speaking About Predictive at SiriusDecisions

We’re looking forward to SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville next week. It’s speed dating for B2B Marketers!


If you’re one of the 2,000 folks planning to attend, stop by our booth. You can get a demo or schedule time to meet with an Infer Exec. We’d also be happy to make an introduction to one of the many Infer customers who will be attending.

On Tuesday there are two case studies featuring Infer Customers.

How Concur Filters the Noise with Predictive
When: Tuesday, May 12, 2:45 – 3:30 PM
Where: Ryman Studio JK
Why: Greg has lots of experience with predictive analytics applications and can help you see around corners. He also has some really compelling new performance metrics to share.

Greg Forrest - Concur