Infer helped us quickly evolve our marketing strategy across both inbound and outbound programs to meet the needs of the business. Leveraging the company’s powerful predictive scoring, we improved marketing efficiency by reallocating 50% of our spend from low-impact lead sources towards our highest performing programs.

Kevin Bobowski

CMO, Act-on



Portland, OR

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201-500 employees



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Infer Predictive Scoring [Leads Fit Models]

About Act-On

Act-On is an innovative marketing automation provider that’s experienced rapid growth since its inception. The company recently underwent a major business transformation to move up-market from selling to SMBs towards an emphasis on mid-market and enterprise business-to-business CMOs. This evolution prompted the marketing team to shift from a volume-driven inbound model to a more scalable go-to-market strategy targeting larger, longer-term customers.

However, it was difficult to objectively measure the quality of each lead and accurately prioritize them without letting bad leads through or missing out on good prospects. Although Act-On already benefited from insightful behavioral scoring within its own product, the marketing team decided to adopt predictive scoring in order to establish a better understanding of how closely each account fits their ideal customer profile.


After a competitive bake-off, Act-On selected Infer Predictive Scoring — which measures how likely someone is to buy a particular product by crunching thousands of internal and external data signals as soon as a lead comes in. The marketing team developed a helpful matrix of both Infer’s fit scores and Act-On’s behavior scores — which monitor a person’s brand engagement to determine when a lead is gaining momentum. This two-dimensional insight into each prospect allows Act-On to route only the best leads to sales for immediate follow-up, and helps avoid many false positives (such as students or job candidates). The matrix tracks the behavior of leads over time, so the team knows when to engage with medium-fit, yet high-momentum, prospects.

Act-On uses Infer Scores to develop regular, full-funnel pipeline forecasts. With instant insight into lead quality across all lead sources, and accurate data about expected conversion rates for Infer A, B, C and D-Leads, the marketing team predicts its pipeline contribution on a weekly basis. As a result, they can make proactive adjustments to programs, campaigns and channels as needed to meet their targets. And by scoring incoming leads from content syndication and event vendors, they can see which vendors deliver the best-fit leads, re-negotiate contracts accordingly, and shift budget savings into the marketing programs that yield the most high-scoring leads.


Infer’s predictive insight gave us an ‘expert witness testimony’ on which leads we should focus on, so we no longer had to bet our marketing strategy on subjective factors like geography. This helped us make the shift from working around 75,000 leads per quarter, towards focusing on much fewer, yet higher-quality prospects that convert to opportunities and deals 2-3X more often.

Kevin Bobowski
CMO, Act-On
  • Act-On successfully increased marketing efficiency by re-allocating spend for greater impact — creating 50% more pipeline from half its previous budget.
  • The company captured incremental pipeline by passing low-scoring leads to an outsourced SDR team, which booked hundreds of new appointments.
  • Marketing scored its mammoth nurture database to find hidden gold amongst 5 million old leads.
  • By implementing proactive demand gen planning, Act-On gained the ability to address pipeline needs multiple quarters out as opposed to focusing on only the current quarter

The Numbers

+ 50 %
marketing efficiency
+ 50 %
increase in monthly pipeline creation
2.2 x
higher converted A-Leads than average

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