As we signed some big deals and started accelerating growth, we knew that predictive scoring was going to be a key factor in how well our sales and marketing teams could scale.

Lauren Licata

VP of Marketing, Belly



Chicago, Illinois

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51-200 employees


Salesforce, Hubspot

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Predictive Scoring

About Belly

There are essentially two main problems that sales and marketing teams leverage predictive to solve – too many leads, or too few. To meet the second challenge, more and more companies are adopting Account-Based Marketing practices.

Belly, a mobile platform that powers customizable rewards programs for thousands of brick and mortar shops, such as coffee shops and nail salons, has a steady flow of inbound leads in local markets where it has a solid foothold. However, the company wanted to identify new opportunities to grow its customer base beyond just the small businesses in which its product thrives today.


Belly adopted Infer Predictive Scoring to help optimize both inbound and outbound channels as it expanded the business. The company uses an Infer fit model to inform queue logic for its phone dialer software. Now, Belly sales reps always call incoming Infer A and B-Leads – those that are the best fit for its product – first.

Belly also integrated these solutions with Salesforce and Hubspot to better inform its lead nurturing and inbound marketing strategies. Belly can now trigger email responses from a sales rep’s email within five minutes of a new lead coming in, and reps are calling hot leads back within one hour vs. the typical eight hours it takes for other leads.

As Belly began to reap more and more benefits from predictive intelligence, its sales team decided to leverage Infer to look for new markets and help improve the efficiency of outbound campaigns. Rather than purchase lead lists and pay someone $3,000 a month to manually slug through them and look for the gold, Belly added the intermediate step of running those leads through Infer and automatically filtering out any leads that were a poor fit.

Infer’s state-of-the-art predictive model helped drive a 30% lift in sales, while providing unique insights for both our outbound and inbound programs.

Lauren Licata
VP of Marketing, Belly
  • Belly’s sales and marketing teams have significantly increased their efficiency and productivity by using predictive scores to focus and prioritize across both inbound and outbound channels.
  • By adjusting the sales organization’s service-level agreement (SLA) from January to August, Belly’s inside sales team increased effort spent on A-Leads by nearly 3x and decreased effort spend on D-Leads by 1.5x.
  • The ability to search for high-scoring, high-conversion leads in its database gives marketing the power to uncover and target new industry verticals.
  • Marketing is able to leverage deep insights to execute personalized marketing programs and messages for the accounts that are the best fit for their solution.

The Numbers

+ 30 %
increase in sales-qualified leads
+ 30 %
lift in sales
3 x
increase in the effort spent on A-Leads
1.5 x
decrease in the effort spent on D-Leads
2 x
lead to demo conversion

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