Infer’s accurate predictive models help us direct our efforts towards opportunities that have the biggest impact on our company’s growth. In a matter of weeks after implementing Infer, we saw a 60% increase in the number of contracts we closed within the same month the lead was created.

Nick Bhutani

Director of Acquisition Marketing, Booker



New York, New York

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201-500 employees


Uberflip, Salesforce, Marketo, Bizible, InsightSquared

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Predictive Scoring

About Booker

Booker is a service commerce platform for small local companies and Fortune 500 companies alike, and is helping to transform the way local services are managed by businesses and discovered by consumers.

Prior to Infer, Booker used basic lead scoring in its marketing automation system to help rank leads, distributing them evenly across sales reps. This approach offered minimal insight for sales and often left reps spread thin working many accounts that didn’t convert to real revenue. Additionally, the company’s transaction volume grew exponentially during its first five years, inbound lead flow boomed and the sales team added reps to keep up with demand.

As the business grew, it needed to develop a more scalable, structured sales process to help cut through the high volume of leads and focus on those that are most likely to convert to customers.


Booker turned to Infer to help implement a data-driven approach to prioritizing leads across its expanding sales team, and enable marketing to build more effective campaigns and prioritize spend to the highest performing lead channels.

The company adopted a custom Infer model in order to better prioritize leads based on statistically accurate predictions about their prospect’s fit for Booker’s products. Using pre-built connectors to Salesforce and their marketing automation platform (MAP), Infer’s fit model leverages Booker’s existing internal customer data along with new external signals from Infer, like a prospect’s web and social presence, to predict the company’s best leads. The company’s universe of leads is then bucketed into four different groups, including Infer A and B-Leads (those that are the best fit for Booker’s solution), and Infer C and D-Leads (those that are less likely to convert to opportunities). After scoring, the leads are routed to the appropriate sales rep for follow up.

After successfully working Infer into sales’ daily workflow, Booker took its predictive play a step further by leveraging Infer’s insight in a “test-and-invest” strategy for its marketing workflows. Infer scores provide Booker’s marketing organization with a litmus test to help measure the effectiveness of campaigns and the quality of lead sources. Now, the team can identify which lead sources supply the best-fit leads for the business, and can direct marketing spend to the right channels (i.e., paid search vs. social media).


Infer has enabled us to fully embed predictive into our sales and marketing workflows, giving us newfound visibility into our data that enables us to fine tune outreach and quickly adjust our campaigns for maximum outcome. Accurate predictive scores help us measure how we’re doing and build confidence amongst important internal stakeholders – like our executive team and board – that we’re spending money on programs that drive real revenue and results.

Nick Bhutani
Director of Acquisition Marketing, Booker
  • Booker’s sales team lifted lead conversion rates and optimized performance by identifying and routing prospects to the right nurture tracks and sales reps.
  • By minimizing wasted energy on low-scoring leads and focusing the most experienced closers on the best-fit opportunities, Booker can have more productive conversations with prospects and a faster sales cycle.
  • Marketing is able to employ a “test-and-invest” strategy to identify marketing campaigns and channels that generate the highest quality leads, then direct spend towards those that will make the biggest impact.
  • Because Booker was able to implement an objective, data-driven method for determining if a prospect is a good fit to buy a product, it strengthened the alignment between its sales and marketing teams, and fostered reps’ confidence in marketing’s approach.

The Numbers

> 25 %
increase in MQL’s
60 %
increase in closed contracts

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