Infer Customer Referral Program

At Infer, we’re always looking for innovative ways to spread the word and share our customer’s amazing success stories. So, if you know someone who could benefit from predictive lead scoring, tell them about Infer and explain why it’s a home run initiative.


We’ve added some of our best customers through referrals, so in order to show our appreciation to customers who refer Infer, we’ve rolled out a fun program. If you make an introduction to a person or company who’d be a good fit for Infer, we’ll send both of you a pair of our custom Nike shoes.

Here’s How It Works

Send a note to greatprospect [at] to tell us who you think would be a great prospect for Infer. We’ll score the contact with our internal predictive model to make sure they are a good fit and check Salesforce to make sure there isn’t an active opportunity. Assuming we’re good, we’ll ask that you make a quick email introduction and we can run with it from there. Then we just need your shoe size and we will put the order in right away. If you already have our Nikes, feel free to order a new pair or a pair for one of your colleagues. We’ll also surprise your referred contact with shoes at the conclusion of the sales cycle. Even if they don’t move forward with Infer, we’ll send the shoes to show our appreciation for their time. We appreciate all your support and are thrilled to watch our community grow!

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