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Franck Ardourel
“As a marketing team, we do a great job of filling the top and bottom of the lead funnel, but needed a way to elevate DNN’s most valuable leads, rather than throwing everything over the wall to sales. Infer helps us focus on the ‘best’ leads – those who look most similar to our existing customers, as well as those exhibiting strong indicators of buying interest – and as a result, we saw a 25% increase in overall conversions in just our first month on the platform.”

Franck ArdourelFranck ArdourelDirector of Marketing, at DNN Corp.


Location: San Mateo, CA

Infer Customer Since: 2016

Company Size: 50+ employees

Systems: Salesforce, Marketo, Bizible, DNN Evoq

Infer Products: Infer Predictive Scoring [Fit and Behavior Models]


DNN Corp. is a content management software provider that works with customers of all sizes – from government agencies like the U.S. Department of Defense, to associations, universities, banks and technology companies. Its marketing organization’s primary goal is to fill the top (awareness) and bottom (consideration) of the lead funnel with quality leads for sales. Before Infer, the team scored leads from its various inbound and outbound marketing programs using Marketo’s basic points-based scoring tools.

This un-scientific methodology made it challenging to identify marketing-qualified-leads (MQLs) for sales to focus on, as well as to accurately measure quality across DNN’s various paid and social media lead sources. The company wanted to leverage the latest predictive analytics and machine learning technologies for a more sophisticated approach to lead gen and evaluating marketing investments.


After comparing a variety of the predictive scoring options on the market, DNN chose the Infer platform for its open architecture and ease of implementation, as well as for the team’s top-notch data science expertise. Within a week, Infer was seamlessly integrated as an intelligence layer across the company’s sales and marketing technology ecosystem, including its own CMS platform (called DNN Evoq), as well as Marketo marketing automation, Salesforce CRM, and Bizible for multi-channel lead attribution.

Infer Predictive Scoring now mines DNN’s historical customer data, pulls in thousands of external signals from the web, and uses advanced data mining and modeling to produce an objective, data-based prediction of how well each lead matches the company’s ideal customer.

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Converted Rate

Leads are converted 4.36% of the time. "A" leads are converted 2.6x as often on average, and 18.3x as often as "D" leads.

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Sales Funnel

Breaking down leads by bucket at each stage of the sales funnel: "A" and "B" leads together make up 50% of all leads, but represent 88% of converted leads.

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Lead Quality

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The marketing team used the new Infer fit scores to rework DNN’s definition of an MQL, and now they can easily find the highest revenue potential leads for the sales team to prioritize.

As a result, the company has seen a 25% jump in lead-to-opportunity conversions, with a 75% jump in conversations to MQLs for its top group of Infer-A Leads

In addition, by connecting data from both Infer and Bizible, DNN’s marketers have gained clear visibility into which sources and channels generate the highest quality leads and can fine-tune their marketing mix to increase ROI. Most recently, DNN adopted Infer’s state-of-the-art behavioral models, which incorporate the full spectrum of activity signals from Marketo to produce accurate predictions about which leads are likely to make a purchase within a set time frame.


Franck Ardourel
“Infer has truly mastered predictive analytics, especially lead scoring, and its team works hard to help us grow our business. We got started with predictive scoring in only one week and have since increased the overall volume and quality of MQLs that marketing delivers to sales, while also improving the ROI of our marketing programs across the board.”

Franck ArdourelFranck ArdourelDirector of Marketing, at DNN Corp.


Infer Predictive Scoring helped the marketing team identify the leads most likely to convert to customers.

By improving sales prioritization, the company significantly increased its new business opportunity conversion rates.

DNN optimized its lead gen acquisition programs in order to consistently produce higher quality leads and increase ROI.

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