How Host Analytics Operationalizes Intelligent Workflows With Predictive Analytics

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Over the years we’ve had the tremendous opportunity to work with some of the best companies in the world that are helping to shape the future of predictive for sales and marketing. One such business is veteran customer Host Analytics, who has achieved amazing business results over the years by leveraging predictive intelligence in their sales and marketing stack.

With the entire company focused on MQLs as a leading indicator of whether it will hit its revenue targets, the Host Analytics marketing team needed a better way to evaluate and prioritize good leads. This included reducing spend on marketing channels that deliver bad leads and gaining real-time insight into how marketing programs are performing. On the sales side, the team couldn’t risk spreading itself too thin by calling every lead that exhibited any type of interest.

The company adopted Infer Predictive Scoring, and created predictive-driven workflows that have helped align the organization, increase average deal sizes by 23%, and dramatically boost overall revenue.

You can download the full snapshot to learn more about how Host Analytics is using Infer Predictive Scoring to:

  • Make a big impact on revenue by prioritizing the leads that are most likely to convert to customers.
  • Clarify its definition of an MQL with proven data-driven criteria to bring sales and marketing into deeper alignment.
  • Prioritize and focus reps on the best-quality leads to boost sales productivity and efficiency.
  • Help marketing test-and-invest in various marketing campaigns, and optimize marketing spend around the programs and channels that generate the hottest leads for sales to follow up on.

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Additionally, Host Analytics wanted to further automate its sales lead routing process in order to avoid giving reps too few or too many good leads. By integrating predictive and lead routing technologies, Host Analytics hoped to create an intelligent, end-to-end lead management system that would get the best prospects to the right reps, and ultimately help increase efficiency and revenue.

You can download the full case study to learn more about how Host Analytics is using Infer Predictive Scoring and LeanData’s best-in-class lead routing to unlock the maximum value of their leads.

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