We’re seeing really great conversion rates since adopting Infer; its predictive intelligence has really hit the sweet spot for Hotjar. Infer gives us a beat on what our ideal customers look like, so we can cater to our VIPs with white glove treatment. By bringing predictive analytics into our sales and marketing strategies, we’ve been able to accomplish all of our goals and then some.

Nicholas Heim

Director of Inbound Marketing, Hotjar



US, Europe

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HubSpot CRM, Marketing Automation, Intercom, Mixpanel, Chartmogul, Receptive and GA

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Infer Predictive Scoring [Fit Model]

About Hotjar

Hotjar offers a powerful new way to reveal true website user behavior and experiences in one central tool, which helps companies improve user experience and conversion rates on their websites at lightning speed. The software-as-a-service product took off like a rocketship after its launch, as a result of evangelist buzz and some clever advertising. Thanks to its word-of-mouth-success, the company now struggles not with lead generation or user adoption, but with the opposite problem of too many leads – making it a challenge to segment, target and personalize messages for its most ideal users out of the gate.

Initially, the company’s marketing strategy was to get people into its free trial and let the product do the work of converting them into paying customers. However, with around 600+ new users each day, it became challenging to vet and research leads for Hotjar’s premium business and agency plans. So the team went in search of predictive analytics solutions that could support smarter, more advanced sales and marketing tactics alongside its HubSpot-powered software stack.


After restructuring lead flows around Infer Predictive Scoring, Hotjar began targeting its highest potential deals that require a human touch. A custom Infer predictive model works with HubSpot and the company’s customer messaging platform (Intercom) — mining the company’s historical customer data, pulling in thousands of external signals from the web, and using advanced data mining to produce an objective, data-based prediction of how well each lead matches the company’s ideal customer.

Now that these statistically accurate Infer Fit Scores are automatically pushed into HubSpot, the team can segment only the very best-fit prospects to offer personal one-on-one demos to during their critical first two weeks of a free trial. Infer helps them find the top leads to focus this energy on without ever having a qualifying discussion or doing manual research. Given Hotjar’s lean internal resources, it has proven highly valuable to prioritize and trigger this outreach through the HubSpot marketing automation system.

Infer and HubSpot also help the company automate personalized customer journeys. For example, one hour after someone signs up as a new user, they’ll receive a welcome email from Hotjar, followed by some fun and quirky messages to grab their attention.

By using Infer’s predictive insights to architect nurture programs with persuasive, personalized copy, Hotjar can follow each customer appropriately throughout its journey. This approach, paired with the company’s beautifully designed technology, results in impressive conversion rates at every stage. The company also leverages Infer’s predictive analytics to help identify its ideal customer profiles, and further customize communications for these audiences. Hotjar’s persona breakdown by average Infer Score helps the team understand which profiles they should prioritize in the buyer cycle:

Finally, the company is leveraging Infer to inform its marketing campaigns and continually test-and-invest in various creative and channels.

With predictive insight into which channels produce the highest proportions of top leads, Hotjar’s marketing team can evaluate and optimize campaign performance based on true impact vs. misleading volume metrics.


The next big step we’re really excited about is getting smarter with our advertising through predictive. Infer lets us look at acquisition channels based on who’s coming in, so we can tell exactly which ones are sending us the most good-fit and poor-fit leads. We can now look at more meaningful metrics than volume alone, and have already identified channels that deliver 50% Infer A-Leads versus our standard ratio, which is eight bad leads for every one good lead.

Director of Inbound Marketing
  • Infer Predictive Scoring helped Hotjar identify the prospects most worthy of white glove treatment, achieving impressive levels of customer engagement.
  • By using Infer Scores to personalize customer journeys and architect successful nurture programs, the company improved conversions for its free trial program.
  • Hotjar leveraged Infer to more effectively measure marketing performance and test-and-invest in campaigns that generate higher quality leads.

The Numbers

+ 4 x
Engagement from top leads
+ 4 x
More quality leads identified through marketing channels
5- 10 %
Reached impressive conversation rates

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