Jobvite Success Story

One of our customers from Jobvite spoke at Dreamforce this year. They were nice enough to share their experience implementing predictive scoring.

Ronen Shetelboim

Why did Jobvite Choose Infer?
This market is very hot right now, there are so many different solutions. We are very analytical on my team, so we tested them all, and by far we had the best experience with Infer. A combination of how professional they are and the quick response and the algorithms, all of that together.

Why would Jobvite use a product like Infer?
We had this awkward discussion with Sales and they asked me, “so you are saying that a lead that downloaded three white papers is better than one that downloaded two white papers?” And I said, “Yea of course. He read three white papers, he’s super qualified.” So obviously we used a traditional marketing scoring, but then I realized it’s not enough. We have a data scientist on board so we analyzed the capacity for each rep for each team. So how many leads they can actually handle. Not only that – we wanted them to follow up with each lead five times, a five touch model. So we sent them all these leads, asked them to follow up five times and we complained, “Why aren’t you following up five times?” And they said they can’t get to it. So we did the analysis which came up with a number – each rep can handle X amount of leads applying the five touch model, so how do you prioritize your work now?

How does Infer Work?
So what Infer does is almost like the Netflix algorithm. You know how you watch something on Netflix and like it, the next day or the next hour they recommend you another show or movie based on your preference. Infer works in a very similar way. Infer looks at all of your existing customers and the net new leads and tells you who is more likely similar to existing customers, so probably going to sign with you in higher probability. So now we can tell the reps, “We want you to focus only on the A&B Infer leads based on the algorithm.”

What were the results?
So the results were great. You can see here that A&B leads converted four to five times better from inquiry to closed won compared to any other leads. And we also saw fewer fake opportunities, fewer pushed deals.

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