Mindflash Uses Infer to Predict Loyal Customers

Download-PDFMindflash is the latest in a wave of companies who has gone all in on predictive.

They’re feeling the impact across sales, marketing, and customer success. Recurring revenues are up 50%, they’ve cut their payback time in half, and they’ve been able to bring in customers with higher lifetime value.

Mindflash turned to Infer’s predictive scoring solution, and began to benefit from the instant, data-driven identification of it’s best leads.

Instant Impact of Predictive Scoring

Sales was able to make faster contact by focusing on their Infer A Leads given them a jump on the competition. They were more persistent on those leads that scored well.

From a marketing perspective, Infer helped them make rapid decisions. With instant insight into lead quality they were able to make adjustments to campaigns that fail to deliver A-Leads, and shift that energy to better tactics. They cut their email volumes, did A/B tests to hone in on what created more A-Leads, and with their list buys, they added a 48-hour out clause so the team has time to run lists through Infer.

Infer has even begun to shape the product and customer advocacy. Mindflash found that they could reduce churn by doubling down on A-scoring leads. In fact, those A-Scoring leads accounted for 90% of their promoters. It makes sense. If someone is a good fit for your product, their far more likely to get value out of it. Those are the customers that you want to focus on.


Net Promoter Score - Infer's Predictive Lead Scoring

Hopefully Mindfash’s success story provides the inspiration for you to champion predictive at your company. It’s a home run initiative!

To learn more download our Guide to Predictive Lead Scoring or contact us and we’ll get you started.

Guide to Predictive Lead Scoring


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