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Hear from early adopters of Infer’s Profile Management Platform to find out how they’re how using it.

“We use Infer’s new predictive platform to discover and target ideal customer profiles. By building segments and personas around Infer’s signals — such as whether a company uses AWS technology, or whether its website contains B2B technology — we are able to deliver better marketing campaigns and arm our sales reps with better data and insights. As a result of a recent personalized campaign, we were able to boost our typical attendance and drive 20% more top prospects to a regional event.”

Rich Taylor, Sr. Director of Marketing



Thanks to Infer, we were able to easily identify users with high Infer Fit Scores at companies who use Salesforce and send them highly personalized messages about our upcoming Salesforce AppExchange package.

Randhir Vieira, VP Product, Engineering and Marketing





“Nitro turned to Infer’s prospect management platform to determine our top segments and gain alignment across global teams. In a matter of minutes, we were up and running getting our personas synched across multiple systems. By narrowing in on highly-valuable personas, such as ‘highly engaged IT decision-makers in the financial services industry,’ we greatly increased our deal velocity and conversion from content marketing efforts and nurture programs.”

Ralf VonSosen, VP of Marketing @ Nitro




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