Infer plays an important role in our marketing technology stack. With predictive insight about what makes a great customer, we’re able to work smarter by filtering through our huge volume of leads in a safe way. Now our reps aren’t inundated with sub-par leads, and they can rest assured that they aren’t missing any good opportunities either.”

Carolyn Wellsfry Cheng

Senior Manager of Demand Generation



Sunnyvale, CA

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1000+ employees


Salesforce, HubSpot

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Infer Predictive Scoring [Fit Models]

About ShoreTel

An award-winning leader in VoIP for 20 years, ShoreTel is now one of the largest worldwide providers of cloud, premises-based and hybrid business telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions. As a public company in an established category with over $360 million in revenues, the business is highly focused on growth opportunities. ShoreTel has a very healthy top of the funnel and its main challenge is to find quality prospects for sales from among its thousands of new marketing leads each month.

The company’s demand generation team includes market development reps (MDRs) who thoroughly qualify leads before sending them along to channel partners or ShoreTel’s sales team. Their output of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) is expected to grow by 20-30% every year, even as budget and headcount remain flat – which means that unearthing efficiency gains is paramount. Marketing needed fresh ways to prioritize their leads and align effort with the greatest potential impact for the business.


To address these challenges, ShoreTel implemented Infer Predictive Scoring, which analyzes thousands of internal and external signals to produce an objective, data-based prediction of how well each lead matches ShoreTel’s offerings. After running the model in “stealth mode” for a few months, Cheng was able to collect clear data that showed reps how focusing on top Infer A-leads got them to their quota faster, which fueled rapid adoption.

Infer now complements the company’s lead source and engagement prioritization workflows in HubSpot, helping MDRs determine the very best-fit leads to pursue. They first follow up with leads from high-converting sources like “contact sales” requests — regardless of their Infer Score.

However, 60% of ShoreTel’s leads are not actively raising their hands, and that’s where Infer comes into the picture. While programs like webinars and third-party content syndication convert at a lower rate on average, Infer’s fit scores help the MDRs identify exactly which of those leads are worth the effort (even if they’re older and not explicitly asking for attention) because they’re a likely buyer.

Cheng’s team knows that more leads is not always better, and was able to work with several vendors to optimize demand gen programs and experiment with new ideas that deliver the best cost-per-MQL, rather than just the lowest cost-per-lead. As a result, the company can focus on fewer, higher-quality leads who are actually in current buying cycles. Based on this success in the marketing organization, ShoreTel’s sales team has recently adopted Infer Predictive Scoring as well.

Infer Scores are helping sales reps to prioritize prospects coming in from both marketing and channel partners, and determine which should be pursued first.


“By adding Infer Predictive Scoring into our reps’ existing workflows, we were able to boost conversions for our largest category of leads from 1% to 8.3% – which drove a huge increase in efficiency across the team.”

Director of Inbound Marketing
  • ShoreTel’s marketing team increased its contribution to sales by prioritizing the leads that are most likely to convert to customers.
  • Infer Predictive Scoring boosted ShoreTel’s conversion rates and helped drive greater efficiency among outbound demand gen reps.
  • The team optimized its marketing programs around cost-per-MQL measurements in order to produce overall higher quality leads.

The Numbers

8 x
Increase in conversions for largest group of leads
+ 38 %
Overall conversions Y/Y
+ 25 %
Efficiency despite flat budgets

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