Infer has completely opened our eyes to our highest-converting profiles, so that we can be more strategic about where we put our marketing dollars.

Trevor Lynn

CMO, Social Tables



Washington, D.C.

Company Size:

51-200 employees

No. of Sales Reps:



Salesforce, Pardot

Infer Products:

Predictive Scoring [Leads Model], Profile Management

About Social Tables

Social Tables provides cloud-based event management software that has helped venues and event planners work more collaboratively and efficiently together to plan over 350,000 events to date.

As a market leader, the company previously enjoyed a steady inbound flow of 1,400 leads each month from free trial sign-ups. In order to expand its business, last year the marketing team added more passive channels to drive new inquiries at the top of the funnel. They hit gold with content marketing and were soon inundated with 6,000 new leads per month, creating an enviable “champagne problem” — how to manage this high lead volume. The company had no method of prioritizing its inbound lead flow beyond limited marketing automation scores, which were developed based on gut instinct and not well-trusted by sales.

The marketing and sales team needed a scalable, programmatic process to manage thousands of leads, identify the best-fit prospects, and prioritize high-value outreach to these buyers.


Social Tables adopted a fit-based Infer Predictive Scoring model to identify and filter prospects based on how well-suited they are for the company’s software, and predict which leads are most likely to convert to customers. With this insight, the company reinvented its definition of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and only the best-fit prospects — those categorized as Infer A or B-Leads — are sent to BDRs for follow up. The rest are kept in Pardot for marketing to further nurture, like following up more aggressively with leads that match an Infer Profile of “did not convert after free trial.” They’re also able to easily identify and pursue new contacts at older, but still good, accounts.

Social Tables also implemented Infer’s Profile Management Platform to organize smaller groups of its ideal customers. The marketing team hyper-segments leads by characteristics such as whether they are a current or past trial user, what marketing pages they’ve clicked on or content they’ve downloaded, their normalized job title, and whether they signed up for a demo. They also use the solution’s visual predictive simulations to assess the likely impact of each hyper-targeted segment in real time to assess their effort against opportunity, and deploy resources for the highest chance of success. Marketing can constantly tweak its content and positioning, as well as its investment in particular lead sources, to better feed the sales pipeline with best-fit leads.


Infer’s scoring accuracy was quickly proven, and we built on our initial success by leveraging the scores as a lead routing trigger for moving people from being a prospect in our Pardot marketing automation platform to becoming a lead in Salesforce CRM.

Ray Miller
Senior Marketing Operations, Social Tables
  • Social Tables identified new revenue channels and expansion opportunities by increasing its effort with key groups of best-fit leads to turn them into more recognized revenue.
  • Marketing is able to better qualify prospects and identify high-value customer profiles for targeted outreach, resulting in deeper cross-functional alignment and a boost in sales efficiencies.
  • Social Tables gained a more comprehensive, at-a-glance view of both inbound and outbound prospects, allowing marketing and sales to fine-tune their conversation points and marketing strategies for more targeted and high-value outreach at scale.
  • By better profiling inbound lead flows and understanding shifts in its ideal customer segments, marketing can adjust campaigns in real time to amplify their effectiveness.

The Numbers

+ 7 %
boosted overall revenue
+ 10 %
increased average deal size
+$ 500
per month grew opportunity pipeline
+ 35 %
increased trial signups
+ 25 %
expanded MQL volume

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