Infer’s results have proven accurate, giving us a trusted measure of what makes a lead ‘good.’ Since adopting Infer Predictive Scoring, we’ve fully optimized all marketing programs to increase our revenue contribution, while helping boost reps’ conversion rates by aligning their effort to its actual impact on the business.

Omri Erel

Head of Advertising & Performance Marketing, WalkMe



San Francisco, CA

Infer Customer Since:


Company Size:

201-500 employees


Salesforce, Pardot

Infer Products:

Predictive Scoring [Leads Fit Model]

About WalkMe

With a vision to transform the world’s online user experience into one that is simple, effortless and efficient, WalkMe is always looking for opportunities to extend its platform to more web sites and mobile applications. The company’s marketing efforts continually produce a high volume of inbound leads from enterprises around the world. However, its product has lengthy sales cycles, which make it challenging to measure the performance of WalkMe’s marketing campaigns and optimize them in real time.

The marketing team wanted to bring go-to-market performance to the next level with instant insight into the quality of the prospects they were bringing in, rather than relying on lagging indicators alone or waiting a year to see whether or not inbound leads converted to deals. In addition, they were looking to improve alignment between sales development reps (SDRs) and marketers around lead quality. The definition of a good lead was difficult to agree upon using subjective attributes, especially because WalkMe’s target market is very broad and always expanding – across multiple verticals, companies of all sizes and functional departments – which means that the company’s ideal buyer personas vary widely.


After a quick proof-of-concept, WalkMe was impressed by the accuracy of Infer’s results, and chose Infer Predictive Scoring over several other vendors in the space. Infer now analyzes thousands of internal and external signals—such as employee count, job openings, web and social presence, technology vendors, patents, trademarks and more—to produce an objective, data-based prediction of how well each lead matches WalkMe’s offering.

Infer Scores surface the top 40% of leads, which contribute 80% of the company’s won revenue. They help the company’s marketing team shift its focus from lead volume towards targeting campaigns and content at just those leads with the most potential. In addition, WalkMe uses Infer to optimize its advertising bidding around keywords that drive the highest scoring leads. As a result, the team has increased the overall average quality of its leads, while doubling lead flow – building not only a bigger funnel, but a better one, too.

Once its Infer model was proven, WalkMe also rolled the new scores out to its SDRs, who now filter out Infer D-Leads and spend their time calling only the best incoming prospects. The company trained reps on how to work its lead database more efficiently and established SDR goals around how many meetings they schedule from each group of Infer A, B and C-Leads.


Very few of the technology vendors I’ve worked with in my career can truly prove results beyond theoretical value, but Infer outperforms when it comes to real business impact. Thanks to Infer’s sophisticated-yet-simple platform, we’ve seen first-hand the clear value that data science brings when it comes to driving revenue for our business.

Omri Erel
Head of Advertising & Performance Marketing, WalkMe
  • Infer Predictive Scoring boosted WalkMe’s ratio of revenue generation to marketing spend.
  • The marketing team gained rapid feedback on its campaign performance, enabling deeper optimization that produced overall higher-quality leads.
  • Accurate, trusted Infer Scores helped improve alignment between sales and marketing.
  • By prioritizing its highest-scoring leads, WalkMe’s SDR team avoided wasted effort and improved conversion rates.

The Numbers

+ 55 %
total opportunities YoY
2 x
increase in meetings scheduled
+ 11 %
increase in average lead quality

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