Druva Chooses Infer to Predict Highest Potential Prospects

We’re always happy to welcome another customer to the Infer family. Like many of our customers, Druva has grown rapidly in recent years and needed a better way to evaluate and prioritize good prospects for personalized follow up. The company chose Infer Predictive Scoring to take the guesswork out of the equation and better predict its highest converting leads.


In a recent conversation, Melissa Davies – who is in the process of implementing Infer Predictive Scoring at Druva – shared her adoption tips learned from building successful predictive programs over the years, why she chose Infer, and her goals for predictive at Druva.

Melissa, you’re no stranger to predictive. What are your best practices for driving adoption?

Before rolling out a predictive initiative across the entire organization, I recommend first running a controlled pilot program with a few sales reps. By piloting predictive scoring with a small group, you can build trust, create internal champions, test your use cases and strategy, and then optimize as needed. Once the approach has been perfected and you’ve shown its potential impact, it becomes easy to scale predictive across across sales and marketing, quickly gain alignment and buy-in, and ensure consistent adoption.

You’ve worked with several predictive vendors over the years. What made you choose Infer when you joined Druva?

I chose Infer over other predictive vendors because of its high-quality data and open platform, which ensures I’m able to leverage all of my prospect data to recognize the full potential of our top prospects. Infer is now an integral part of our sales and marketing stack, and will help Druva become a fully data-driven organization powered by predictive insights.  

What immediate benefits do you expect to see once Predictive Scoring is in place?

Within the first month of implementation, I expect a ten percent increase in meetings booked with more qualified prospects, and with less time and energy spent getting there. Infer will also help us programmatically evaluate the quality of purchased leads upfront so the team can focus time, energy and marketing spend towards the list vendors and prospects that will make the biggest impact on revenue.

Download the full snapshot to learn more about how Druva plans to utilize Infer Predictive Scoring to drive revenue and build sales and marketing alignment.

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