What Every Sales Leader Should Know about Product Launches

Chris Orlob, CEO of Conversature, recently hosted Sean Zinsmeister on his “Inside Sales Gurus” podcast. As its name implies, the podcast aims to educate sales professionals through interviews with sales thought leaders on various topics that will help them to build, scale, and manage high velocity teams. In this special episode, Sean discusses product launches from a marketer’s “insider” perspective to help shed light on what sales teams should know about the process in order to maximize the success of the launch –and their quotas.

You can listen below, or on our podcast channel on SoundCloud.

Episode Breakdown:

  • How “marketing is just selling at scale,” and why the best marketers almost always come from some level of sales background
  • A step-by-step insider’s look into the sales-centric product launch methodology that Sean has executed many times over
  • The role of the VP of Sales in the product launch process
  • The logistical issues that sales, product, and marketing need to work on together to ensure a successful launch
  • How a sales leader should be involved in each stage of a product launch
  • The most common mistakes and misconceptions sales has about product launches

We hope you enjoy the podcast!

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