Sean Zinsmeister Discusses All Things Product, Predictive, and ABM

Sean Zinsmeister recently joined Hana Abaza from Uberflip for “Flip the Switch,” which is a great weekly marketing podcast series that interviews growth-oriented marketing leaders about how they get results, approach problems and drive growth. Sean and Hana chatted about why product marketing should be the core of your content marketing strategy, the underlying truth about ABM that no one talks about, and how businesses are using predictive analytics help companies determine where to spend their marketing efforts and identify valuable untapped whitespace.

You can listen below, or on our podcast channel on SoundCloud.

Episode breakdown: 

  • How Sean made the leap from sound mixing and music to marketing
  • The intersection between content and product
  • Building an information architecture for marketing the product
  • Reverse engineering for the audience you want to speak to
  • Why you should look through things through a product-agnostic lens
  • How predictive analytics differs from regular lead scoring
  • Creating better ABM strategies with predictive
  • How marketing teams will know they’re ready for predictive analytics

We hope you enjoy the podcast!

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