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Guide to Getting Started With Profile Management

To drive truly data-driven segmentation and other go-to-market strategies, companies are moving past traditional lead scoring strategies and adopting technology that helps them extract more actionable intelligence from their data. We launched Infer Profile Management (PMP) last year to help businesses leverage all of their buying signals in a single location to develop ideal target profiles and uncover expansion opportunities. As a result, customers like Avalara, Host Analytics, New Relic, Social Tables and UserVoice are able to better prioritize high-quality prospects, deliver more personalized messaging and increase conversions.

This 3-part guide breaks down commonly discussed topics to getting started with Infer Profile Management, including where the platform fits into your sales and marketing stack, whether or not you need to layer in predictive scoring to reap the full benefits of PMP, and the business impact of creating actionable profiles of your ideal customers and infusing that insight into your day-to-day work.Guide to Getting Started With Profile Management Preview

Inside you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine where you are in your path to predictive through real world examples, and understand where Infer’s platform fits into your journey
  • Use Profile Management to bring all of your prospect data together, then build and segment ideal target profiles over it
  • Incorporate predictive into your existing sales and marketing workflows for maximum impact

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