Inbound Marketing, AI and the Future of Stack Interaction [Podcast]

We’re back with another great episode of Stack & Flow! In this episode, Jon Dick, VP of Marketing at Hubspot, joins the podcast to talk about how marketers can leverage technology to interact with their data and martech stack more closely to better understand performance. We take an introspective look at Jon’s scientific approach to marketing, why ABM isn’t all that new, and how he uses predictive analytics to make the Hubspot sales team more productive and efficient.

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Guest Bio:

Jon is the VP of Marketing at HubSpot, where he helps companies transform how they market and sell. With a degree in physics, a decade of improv & sketch comedy performance, and a wide array of marketing experience, Jon likes to take an analytical, but fun, approach to marketing.

Episode Breakdown:

  • How to manage high touch sales motion vs. low touch
  • Which partners Hubspot leverages to go beyond the marketing automation functions of their core capabilities
  • How to develop a strategy for improving the prospect experience
  • What the “Speed to Action” trend is, and other marketing tactics

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