InsightSquared on its Predictive Sales & Marketing Success

Recently one of the most innovative customers we know, Adam von Reyn, sat down with John J. Wall for his Marketing Over Coffee podcast. Adam hails from InsightSquared, a rapidly growing business intelligence powerhouse out of Boston. John interviewed Adam about how InsightSquared started its predictive marketing journey, what their funnel looks like, why they chose Infer, and the results they’re achieving.

Have a listen to the interview here, or check out some excerpts from Adam’s comments below.

“Our [business development] BDR team started getting overwhelmed, didn’t know how to prioritize, and we would frequently get calls for help because they couldn’t keep up with the lead flow. They couldn’t keep up with the SLA. We tried to build a few solutions of our own in-house, things like doing our own analysis, exactly what I would advise someone not to do… It only got us so far. I would say maybe 10% of our lead flow we were able to hold back, and that just wasn’t enough…”

“The initial business case [for predictive scoring] was all around this idea of making the BDR team more efficient. From the get-go we found that we could suppress fully 40% of our leads and give up less than 5% of our pipeline production. That’s a huge efficiency play there… Then beyond that, you have this letter score that tells them, okay, your Infer A-Leads are the best – spend more time on those, work them first, they’re gold. They convert three times as highly as the rest of the lead mix…”

“What’s been really interesting is now how we’re using it on the marketing end of things to drive better decisions sooner… Now we can compare two programs, whether it’s a paid program, a social program, an email program, any one of the channels, and we can understand for the effort and money that went in, what was the yield really like in terms of quality of the lead.. Before, I wouldn’t really know that answer until two, three months later, because our cycle is pretty long. Now I can get a leading indicator that tells me immediately, especially for a new channel, hey, this one looks pretty promising.”

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