Marketo Integration

Infer has pre-built connectors that make it incredibly easy to add predictive intelligence and profile management to your marketing automation platform.

About This Integration

Predictive Scoring

  • Automatically research every lead and identify MQLs
  • Apply predictive scores across campaign flows for narrower targeting and segmentation
  • Mine the full spectrum of activity data for behavioral modeling
  • Surface good leads that are getting missed or stuck in nurture

Profile Management

  • Enhance marketing campaigns with valuable insights about prospects
  • Leverage Infer’s vast library of external signals to build hyper-segmented lists
  • Develop rich buyer personas to push directly into Marketo
  • Instantly publish profile tags to trigger Marketo campaign flows

What Products Are Supported?

Data Driven Buyer Profiles

Fit Scoring

Behavior Scoring

Predictive Account Based Scoring

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