Salesforce Integration

With nothing more than a name and email address, Infer accurately predicts which leads are most likely to convert. It uses historical data from your CRM, as well as thousands of external signals from across the web.

About This Integration

To help you get started quickly, we offer a native AppExchange App which includes custom fields and set of pre-built dashboards.

Predictive Scoring

  • Build custom fit scoring models on the leads, contacts, opportunities or accounts object
  • Implement highly accurate behavior scoring models over activity data
  • Increase rep productivity by immediately routing high scoring leads to sales
  • Increase sales productivity by immediately routing high scoring leads to sales
  • Create dashboards and reports to track performance and inform decision-making
  • Surface good leads that are getting missed or stuck in nurture

Profile Management

  • Leverage Infer’s vast library of external signals to build hyper-segmented lists
  • Create lists of underserved prospects based on sales effort and potential revenue impact
  • Develop rich buyer personas to push directly into Salesforce via tags or Campaign members
  • Instantly publish profile tags and predictive scores directly at the lead, contact, opportunity or account level
  • Run intelligent campaigns, predict performance and make real-time adjustments
  • Automatically create tasks when prospects enter profiles to ensure follow-up

What Products Are Supported?

Data Driven Buyer Profiles

Fit Scoring

Behavior Scoring

Account-Based Marketing Behavior Scoring

List Scoring

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