Justin Norris of Perkuto on the State of B2B Advertising, How ABM is Making Outbound Cool Again, and Extending Marketo [Podcast]

This week, we’re joined by Justin Norris, Solutions Architect at Perkuto to talk about how his experience with hundreds of Marketo-based sales and marketing stacks has given him a unique perspective on sales automation, lead routing, and architecting solutions that string together many technologies and systems to do awesome things. Justin also chats with the hosts about his thoughts on B2B advertising and why ABM is making outbound cool again.

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Guest Bio:

Justin is a marketing and sales technologist and operations expert, and a 2x Marketo Champion. In his role as a Solutions Architect at Perkuto, he combines best-of-breed technologies and process optimization to help Marketo customers solve their toughest challenges.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Sales Automation vs. Marketing Automation Dysfunction
  • API as Table Stakes for the Industry
  • Stacking Tools for Lead Routing
  • Adding New Features, Functions and UI

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