Make Your Job Easier With AI For Sales

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed how companies conduct business, with a wide range of intelligent solutions that save time and push productivity ever higher. When it comes to AI for sales and marketing, things have changed so much that “transformed” might be an understatement.

What Can Artificial Intelligence In Sales Do? 

In a 2017 McKinsey and Company study, it was estimated by 2020 that 85% of sales-related tasks could be automated. AI and machine learning are making that increasingly possible. 

From analyzing and transcribing sales calls to scheduling meetings, assisting with email writing and tracking sales activity, artificial intelligence can help streamline all sorts of routine tasks that marketers and salespeople used to do manually. But that’s just the beginning. The power of AI can be used to solve more complex problems – problems that no person or persons could ever do on their own. Most notably, it can mine massive amounts of data to unearth new insights about prospects and customers – insights that help businesses market and sell more far effectively.

That’s where Infer’s predictive software comes in. Infer leverages AI and machine learning to reinvent the process of lead qualification and scoring, turning it from haphazard guesswork to an exacting data-driven science.

AI-Driven Sales

In theory, lead qualification and scoring helps sales teams prioritize their efforts, zeroing in on the best leads and discarding the worst. In practice, the process hasn’t always worked so well. Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and lead scores have been based on little more than hunches and assumptions using a small number of behavioral clues. The results are anything but reliable.

The problem isn’t a lack of information; there’s a motherlode of potentially useful data captured in businesses’ own systems and in third-party databases. The problem is analyzing all that information – hundreds or thousands of data points, in millions of different combinations. Exploring those myriad connections and spotting the patterns that signal readiness to buy is beyond the reach of our ordinary brains. Mere humans can’t do it. But Infer’s AI-powered predictive software can – with uncanny accuracy.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Using AI and machine learning, Infer automatically generates lead scores that really work: They really do predict prospects’ likelihood to buy. The scores are statistically proven to be accurate, indicating exactly which leads are ready for a sales call, which ones need more nurturing and which ones aren’t worth pursuing. That’s the kind of certainty marketing and sales teams have always wanted but never had. It’s exactly what they need to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively and close more deals faster. 

How does Infer pull this off? It starts by pooling data from your systems (your CRM and marketing automation platform), any third-party data you’ve purchased and its own proprietary database of firmographic, demographic and technographic intelligence on more than 19 million companies and 42 million prospects. It then performs an exhaustive analysis of the enriched data, exploring how prospect actions and attributes correlate with actual purchasing patterns. Infer uses the analysis to build two kinds of model:

Behavioral scoring models describe how various prospect behaviors (and combinations thereof) indicate a propensity to buy.

Fit scoring models describe the characteristics that make prospects a good match your company’s products and sales priorities.

By comparing actual prospects to the models, Infer is able to compute precise lead scores: behavioral scores that tell you whether and when a prospect is likely to buy, and fit scores that tell you how good a match they are for your offerings. The scores are fed back into your company’s CRM and MAP for sales and marketing teams to start using immediately. 

All the guesswork is gone. Marketing is able to quickly provide sales with MQLs with a high probability of success, and lead scores that accurately reflect the probability of conversion. Sales gets actionable, pinpoint guidance on which leads to target and when. 

Infer doesn’t stop there. It keeps learning and adjusting models and scores as new win/loss data comes in. So your sales reps are always working with the most up-to-date information for maximum benefit. 

Improving Demand Gen and Account-Based Marketing

Infer not only lets marketers provide better MQLs to sales; it also helps them optimize their own demand generation programs. Rather than gauge demand gen success solely by number of leads generated, marketers can use Infer to measure the quality of the leads. They can see immediately which tactics are producing worthwhile leads, and which ones aren’t. It’s the kind of accurate real-time feedback marketing organizations need to ensure (and demonstrate) that their efforts are really paying off.

Infer has major benefits for account-based marketing (ABM) programs, too. The aim of ABM is to focus only high-value prospects: specific companies and decision makers likeliest to buy and deliver the highest ROI for your business. It all depends on selecting the right targets. But how do you do that? In the past, it’s involved a lot of research and educated guessing – i.e., significant time and expense without a high degree of certainty. 

Infer turns ABM account planning and selection from an inexact and time-consuming manual effort into a fast, reliable, data-driven process. Analyzing the combined information from your systems and its own massive database of prospect information, Infer can construct ideal buyer profiles for your ABM program and find the accounts that best match them. 

Infer scores your ABM accounts, too. It performs account-based behavior scoring, telling you which accounts are most likely to convert, and account-based fit scoring, so you can instantly see how well ABM prospects match your products and sales strategies. Together, these capabilities provide the precision guidance ABM strategies have lacked in the past, reducing risk and resulting in higher win rates. By automating the time-consuming process of account selection, Infer saves you significant time and money, too.

Embracing AI For Sales 

Artificial intelligence for sales isn’t just increasing productivity for a more efficient sales process; it’s enabling marketers and sales reps to understand and target buyers like never before. The competitive advantages are huge, and no company can afford to ignore them. 

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