Can’t wait to give all our D leads to my new reps

I was in a meeting with a prospect today talking about Infer. We were demoing the slider and explaining how we set buckets for the A, B, C, and D leads.

It was pointed out that the D leads contain a tiny percentage of the overall revenue.

The prospect then jumped in with something that caught me a little off off-guard. He said, “I can’t wait to give all our D leads to my new reps!”


Now as a former inside sales rep, I sat there thinking, wow that’s a little cruel. Poor new guy. They’re going to spend their first month trying to sell to people who aren’t a fit for the product. That’s a tough start. And at what point do you tell your new rep that they’ve only got D leads in their queue?

Predictive Scoring Lead Buckets

But as I thought about it some more, I realized that it’s actually a pretty good use case, not just a cruel joke. If you’ve got a lead that is an 80 or a 90, you don’t want your newest rep following up with them. There is too much revenue at stake. On the flip side, those D leads are great for training. Reps can practice qualifying leads and fielding questions. They can gain an appreciation for what a bad lead looks like. And when they’ve proven themselves, you can slowly increase their lead quality. You’ve baked a growth mindset into your sales culture.

The use cases for predictive lead scoring grow by the day. If you’ve got a story for us, shoot us an email and we’ll write it up!

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