Predictive Analytics In Sales

Predictive analytics brings a new level of certainty and precision to sales processes, helping companies win more deals faster while reducing costs. By analyzing past prospect behavior, it can predict how likely they are to buy in the future – enabling sales to target the best leads with the best tactics.

What is Predictive Sales Analytics?

Digital marketing has led to an explosion of first- and third-party data on potential customers. The data can provide critical insights on their interests, activities, needs, wants and challenges – the insights salespeople need to target, pitch and successfully convert prospects. However, all that B2B data means nothing if you can’t interpret it, and the sheer volume of information available is more than any human brain can make sense of on its own.  

Predictive sales analytics is the answer to this dilemma. Predictive sales analytics mines new and historical sales and marketing data to find your best prospects, determine how likely they are to buy, when they’re likely to buy, and how good a fit they are for your services and solutions. In other words, it can predict behavior before it happens, which may feel like magic but is actually possible, thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.

9.6 x
Conversion improvement
51 %
Won business from “A” leads
+ 30 %
Higher deal size

5 Ways Predictive Analytics Helps Sales Teams

Infer’s predictive lead scoring software can revolutionize how your company conducts sales, bringing a new level of speed, certainty and precision to a process that’s traditionally been time-consuming and error-prone.  

Prioritize Sales Efforts With Lead Scoring

Infer’s AI-powered predictive analytics software leverages machine learning to analyze data in your CRM or MAP, enriched with Infer’s own massive database of prospect information. Infer finds patterns across key data signals to help qualify leads with instantly generated fit and behavioral lead scores for each of your prospects. 

The lead scores provide actionable insights for your sales and marketing teams, which they can use with confidence, knowing they’re only working with the highest quality leads.

Improve Demand Generation Campaigns

Predictive analytics can be used to understand how prospects respond to your demand generation campaigns and which efforts result in the most valuable leads.

With an understanding of which demand generation campaigns are most effective, you can tune campaigns to make sure they’re generating only the best marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for your sales team.

Once Infer has assigned lead scores to each of your prospects, the lead scores can be compared to the campaigns, channels and vendors used to generate them. This provides a fast, highly reliable measure of which programs are working and which aren’t, so companies can optimize their marketing spend.

Bridge the Divide Between Marketing And Sales

The time has come for marketers and sales representatives to stop pointing fingers about the quality of leads in the funnel. Instead, you can align everyone and focus on the leads with the highest revenue potential. 

Using Infer’s predictive lead scoring software, marketers can be sure their MQLs are accurately ranked by fit and propensity to buy. Sales teams no longer waste time on bad leads, and MQL-to-SQL conversions soar.

Nail Your Forecasts

Using Infer, you can factor in the quality of each lead to determine real pipeline conversions and increase the reliability of your forecasts. Rather than waiting months for the full sales and marketing cycle to play out, you can accurately forecast pipeline at any time.

Continue Optimizing

As markets and prospects change, the factors that lead to successful sales change, too.

Infer’s predictive analytics software doesn’t stop at one prediction; it continues to learn as new data comes in. For example, it can factor in new win/loss data and refine its models to improve predictive accuracy. You’re always working with the latest and greatest intelligence, so your people and processes keep pace with evolving markets and a changing sales landscape.

Eliminate Uncertainty With Infer

Infer pioneered the field of predictive lead scoring, and has helped bring clarity to the lead qualification process for companies across industries. Learn how your company can join the largest B2B predictive sales and marketing customer community today and supercharge your sales process with Infer.

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