Guest Post: How to Use AI to Ramp Your Sales Team by Ben Daters

A rep’s first 30 days can define their career.

If a rep has a successful on-boarding and ramping process, the world is their oyster. If their onboarding and ramping experience is inconsistent and they aren’t given the tools to succeed, the rep will likely fail.

Twenty years ago, sales reps were given a phone, a phone book and a conference room, as part of their ramping process. And many managers felt like they were managing a revolving door.

Today, managers take a different approach to hiring reps.

Managers are using tools like, Infer, and others to ensure their reps are successful from Day 1. By using these tools, managers can on-board and ramp their reps based on proven success (no phone books here).

Next week, Michael Raab, Head of SMB at Lyft, Nate Germberling, Director of Sales at Infer and myself, will be discussing 3 Ways to Quickly Ramp Sales Reps Using AI on a live webinar. This won’t be your run of the mill, death by PowerPoint webinar but rather a lively conversation on what we’ve seen work (and not work) in our combined 28 years of sales leadership.

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About Ben:

Ben Daters it the VP of Sales at During Ben’s time at Marketo, he learned all areas of the sales function and quickly mastered complex solution selling in an extremely competitive market landscape. Ben’s passion for coaching and leadership helped drive the company through an IPO and acquisition. He was a key member as the company grew from 50M to 250M in annual revenue.

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