Why Predictive Scoring is a Home Run Initiative

The comparison below highlights why Infer’s Predictive Lead Scoring is a home run initiative. It’s low risk, easy to implement, and the impact is quantifiable upfront.

Time to Value for Automation Projects

With CRM or a Marketing Automation System, this is what a typical implementation looks like:

Time to Value for Cloud Applications

  • Implementation: You evaluate vendors, sign a contract, then you’ve got a cumbersome implementation to get through. The implementation can take anywhere from 30 days to six months or more. It requires preparing your data, setting up connectors to other systems, adding website code, designing landing pages, creating email templates, setting up automation rules, and testing everything to make sure it works.
  • User Adoption: And when you hit that go-live date, you’re still not done because you have to change behavior. For example, campaign managers are usually reluctant to move away from batch and blast email marketing to personalized journeys because the transition means more work in the short run and often a dip in productivity.
  • Customer Value: Assuming all this goes according to plan, at some point the data builds up, you work out the kinks, and you finally cross over into positive ROI territory. The customer value is typically based on configuration, data quality, and user adoption.

Time to Value for Predictive Lead Scoring

The implementation effort and adoption risk with Infer is tiny by comparison:

Time To Value for Predictive

  • Implementation: You provide Salesforce.com access, we use machine learning to build your model, and we present you with the results. If the model doesn’t perform, we go our separate ways. If you’re impressed by the accuracy of the model and the projected impact, we can flip the switch. All the things you need to configure to go live are outlined in this 7 minute onboarding video. We walk you through the implementation click-by-click.
  • User Adoption: With Infer there is really no need to train your reps because they’re going to click on the leads tab just as they do everyday. Only now the bad leads are magically filtered out and the good ones bubble to the top. You’ve instantly increased the batting average for all your reps, by ensuring they’re only swinging at strikes. From a Marketer’s perspective, you can use the Infer Score along with your existing tools to measure campaign performance, analyze your nurture database, score imported lists, or move hot-prospects to accelerated nurture programs.
  • Customer Value: There are two points to be made here. The first is that you can get to value faster because there is less implementation and adoption risk. The other important point is that we can model the value before we go live. If you overlay lead effort (# of calls, emails, response time) across your scoring bands, you can quickly identify the inefficiency, and spot opportunities to create lift. As soon as you turn Infer on, you should naturally see behavior shift.

Lead Effort

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