Top 10 Data Science Thought Leaders Who Are Influencing Predictive Scoring

Top 10 Data Science Thought Leaders Who Are Influencing Predictive Scoring

In tandem with our recognition of the many experts contributing to today’s discussions around CRM, marketing technology and general marketing and sales best practices, we’ve compiled the following list of influencers in the world of data. We always enjoy hearing what these brilliant data science and predictive analytics thought leaders have to say.

  • Keith Bigelow, Salesforce SVP – Keith has a wealth of knowledge to contribute from his many years in the business intelligence space, so it’s no surprise that Salesforce has tapped him to lead its big data and analytics group.
  • Allen Bonde, Digital Clarity Group – And early proponent of data-driven marketing, Allen is a data scientist turned CMO turned analyst. He now works with clients to gain better market insight through what he calls “Small Data,” i.e. timely, meaningful insights derived from big data.
  • Jeff Hammerbacher, Cloudera founder & Chief Scientist – After building the first formal data science team at Facebook, Jeff is now a powerful advocate for bringing consumer Web data innovations like Hadoop into mainstream businesses.

  • Josh James, Domo CEO – It’s hard not to be inspired by a guy who raised $125M in VC funding from his deathbed just four years after taking Omniture public and getting acquired by Adobe for $1.8B. Like Josh, we’re also banking on the opportunity to help companies make sense of massive amounts of business data.
  • Ben Lorica, O’Reilly Media Chief Data Scientist – An ex-academic, Ben is an expert on all things data intelligence and writes with clarity for Forbes and O’Reilly about big data, advanced analytics and machine learning.
  • Hilary Mason, Accel Data Scientist in Residence – The former chief scientist at bitly and an astute machine learning author, Hilary says she uses data to gain super powers. We love her dedication to finding useful insights out of data.
  • Peter Norvig, Google Director of Research – Peter’s contributions to the field of AI since his days as NASA’s chief computer scientist are undeniable. He co-authored the widely used textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, and has since led Google’s work in core search algorithms, machine translations and speech understanding.
  • DJ Patil, RelateIQ VP of Product – One of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, DJ is one of those data scientists who always contributes fascinating thoughts to any conversation. Its great to have an evangelist like him promoting the profession.
  • Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight Editor-in-Chief – How could we not include one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People? Nate’s blog examines a challenge that has become our passion at Infer – distinguishing a true signal from the universe of noisy data.
  • Vik Singh, Infer CEO – We may be biased, but Vik is our own resident brainiac when it comes to all things data. Having learned all about how to “party on the data” from the legendary Turing Award winner Dr. Jim Gray and from his consumer Web days at Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!, he is passionate about the potential for businesses that leverage data to their advantage, and he brings an invaluable perspective to the discussion.
  • Eric Siegel, Prediction Impact – Eric literally wrote the book on predictive. As founder of the Predictive Analytics World conference and a former professor, he always has something compelling to share.

Thanks to each of you on this list and many others who are inspiring us along our journey to power data-driven, predictive sales and marketing techniques. Who else should we be following? Share your additions in the comments below.

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