Top 20 Sales and Marketing Thought Leaders Who Are Influencing Predictive Scoring


As we’ve been building Infer’s predictive lead scoring engine over the past three years, we’ve also been following many brilliant thought leaders who are contributing to a range of discussions near and dear to our hearts. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought it’d be fun to survey our team on their favorite influencers in the space, and send some love their way. We’ve compiled part of that list below — spanning experts in the realms of CRM, marketing technology and general marketing and sales best practices. Our list of top data science and predictive analytics experts is published here.

Industry Influencers

  • Jamie Grenney, Infer VP of Marketing – Jamie spent eleven years at, where he became well-known for his thought leadership on topics such as sales processes, marketing automation, online communities and social CRM. He’s now joined us at Infer, where he’s painting a vision for what CRM will look like in 2015.
  • Brian Kardon, Lattice Engines CMO – Brian brings tons of useful experience to the marketing discussion from his current position and previous roles at Eloqua and Forrester. And of course we admire his passion for data-driven selling and marketing.
  • Nick Mehta, Gainsight CEO – Under Nick’s leadership, Gainsight is doing awesome things to help shift the way organizations leverage data to cultivate customer success. Nick offers an insightful point of view on all things related to customer management, SaaS and entrepreneurship in general.
  • Jon Miller, Marketo co-founder & VP of Marketing – Another original visionary in the marketing technology space, Jon often speaks and writes about marketing, along with Phil Fernandez, Marketo’s Co-founder & CEO. Phil’s been named to B2B Magazine’s “Who’s Who” list and the Sales Lead Management Association’s most influential people list for several years running.
  • Guy Nirpaz, Totango CEO & co-founder – Like us, Guy is all about helping companies accelerate their revenues by figuring out predictive signals regarding their customers. He’s an avid champion for fostering customer success in subscription-based businesses.
  • Tien Tzuo, Zuora CEO & founder – After starting as employee number 11 at and building out its product and marketing organization, Tien knows a thing or two about SaaS, CRM and world-class marketing. Now he’s extending this expertise to evangelizing a fundamentally new business model called the “Subscription Economy.”
  • Mike Volpe, HubSpot CMO – It’s not an exaggeration to say that Mike has made a religion out of inbound marketing and lead generation. His partner-in-crime, HubSpot’s chief revenue officer Mark Roberge, is doing the same for inbound sales. Recently HubSpot also added Joe Chernov, formerly of Eloqua and one of the most influential thought leaders in B2B marketing, as VP of Content.
  • Steve Woods, Eloqua co-founder & CTO – Steve wrote another great book, his is called “Digital Body Language” and is about deciphering customer intentions online. He’s been a passionate proponent of all things CRM since starting Eloqua back in 1999. Eloqua’s VP of Product, John Stetic, is also a great thought leader on the world of modern marketing.

Independent Analysts & Consultants

  • Christine Crandell, New Business Strategies – A market strategy advisor to CEOs and boards, Christine also regularly contributes to the B2B customer success discussion via articles, white papers, webinars and speaking at industry events.
  • Paul Greenberg, The 56 Group – Given the fact that his book, “CRM at the Speed of Light,” is used used as a primary text by more than 70 universities, it’s no surprise that Paul is widely considered the “Godfather of CRM.”
  • Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing – Matt frequently blogs and speaks about sales acceleration, demand generation and pipeline management, and has written several books on sales and marketing.
  • David Raab, Raab Associates – David produces some of the most in-depth research on marketing technology companies. As a marketer, consultant, author and analyst, he’s written hundreds of articles on marketing issues, most recently focusing on what he calls “Customer Data Platforms.”
  • Laura Ramos & Lori Wizdo, Forrester Analysts – Laura and Lori both cover the B2B marketing space for Forrester, providing perceptive insights for CMOs about buyer behavior and lead-to-revenue management.
  • Lori Richardson, Score More Sales – Lori coaches and trains front-line B2B sales leaders and reps, and also blogs prolifically about inside sales and sales enablement.

Who’s at the top of your list? Who else should we be following? Share your additions in the comments below.

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