Using Predictive Lead Scoring to Measure Demand Gen Campaigns

One of the best things about working at Infer is all of the brilliant strategies and tactics we learn from the smart marketers in our community of customers. Adam von Reyn is one such inspiration. He’s the marketing director at InsightSquared, a popular sales analytics app that takes the pain out of business intelligence so executives can get the information they need to forecast pipeline and grow revenue.

It’s only natural that such a data-centric business would excel at leveraging data to evaluate its own marketing programs. In a recent blog post, Adam gives a great overview of his team’s thoughtful approach to determining which demand generation campaigns deliver the best (not just the most) leads.

IS2 Blog Post Image

They use fit-based predictive lead scoring from Infer to bucket all their incoming leads, with A-Leads being prospects that are the best fit for InsightSquared’s solution, and C-Leads being those least likely to convert to opportunities. After taking into account each bucket’s historical conversion rates, the team can forecast how many opportunities each campaign will yield:

The great thing about this approach is that it tells the team how well their campaigns are performing in real-time as leads are coming in, rather than waiting months for the full marketing cycle to play out.

For more details, check out Adam’s post over on the InsightSquared blog at:

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