What Is Predictive Lead Scoring And What Can It Do For Me?

We hear it every day:

“I need more pipeline.”
“My sales reps don’t trust our manual lead scoring system.”
“My team is overwhelmed and doesn’t know which leads to focus on.”
“These leads are garbage.”

The constant pipeline battles wear down even the best demand generation leaders. Yes, even those that consider themselves well-versed in traditional lead scoring methods still struggle to identify and prioritize truly good leads. It’s enough to drive any marketer mad.

Fortunately, we have the magical (okay, it’s AI-driven) solution.

Intelligent Predictive Lead Scoring Is Right Here To Save You

When it comes to making critical sales and marketing decisions, traditional lead scoring is like stopping at the gas station to ask for directions, while predictive lead scoring is Google Maps – the instant clarity of knowing where you are and what to do next.

No more long, frustrating meetings debating what factors should be considered in scoring a lead or how much weight each factor should carry. No more shifting the blame between sales and marketing when you aren’t seeing the results you want.

Predictive lead scoring takes the guesswork out of demand generation and delivers lead scores every member of your sales and marketing teams can rely on.

How Does Predictive Lead Scoring Work?

We’re glad you asked. At first glance, a tool like Infer seems too good to be true. But go ahead and pinch yourself because Infer really is all that and a bag of chips. (Disclaimer: chips not included.)

Infer connects with existing data from your CRM or marketing automation systems, whether that be HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, etc. After connecting, our tool then matches each of your records against our proprietary dataset to identify thousands of signals, including social media presence, website technology and more.

Next, Infer uses advanced machine learning algorithms to discover the deep patterns within your marketing data that have been escaping your notice. Infer then analyzes this data and identifies which prospects are most likely to become customers, assigning a predictive value to each one.

P.S. Our predictive scores are statistically proven to be accurate. Let’s see a manual lead scoring system do that!

Sounds Great. But What Difference Will This Make For Me Really?

The better question: What aspects of my demand generation won’t see improvement? The answer: None.

Everyone on your demand generation team will reap the benefits of Infer’s predictive lead scoring system. And we guarantee you’ll get results quickly.

Your marketing team will enjoy increased effectiveness thanks to their ability to better understand and target leads. Additional benefits include a lower cost per good lead, faster pace of innovation and increased lifetime value of customers.

Your sales team will also enjoy increased effectiveness thanks to Infer’s ability to score, filter and prioritize leads instantly. You can expect to see an increase in average deal size, efficient and personal nurture follow-ups as well as a higher conversion rate.

Big growth plans? Predictive lead scoring will ease those growing pains. Infer’s intelligent model scales from thousands to millions of leads without breaking a sweat.

Plus, did we mention more revenue?

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